Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NY Sample Sale Report: Amanda Uprichard

Stopped by the Amanda Uprichard sale over lunch and can I tell you that the prices are amazing? Silk dresses for unbeatable prices. Everything is priced to go and go quickly so I recommend running over as soon as you have a free moment. Not only is everything under $40 but the more you buy the more likely you will have a chance to be offered an additional discount at the cash. The lovely lady at the cash says everything is negotiable so the listed prices are only the starting point to already deep discounts that are seriously up to 90% off. Even if your bartering skills aren't the best, if you are buying multiple items and paying cash, you'll likely be offered a discount to start! This is the lowest prices that I've seen her merch, you can compare to last time around.

The sale wasn’t too crowded with about 10 or so other browsers in the 8-10 racks of merch and 2 boxes but be warned as there are no fitting rooms and only one mirror. I would recommend wearing a tank top and leggings and bringing a friend as the mirror was often blocked by fellow shoppers.Sizes range from P to L but have some degree of variance so try sizing up or down depending on the style.

Plenty of leopard, plaid and lovely florals in flattering silk tunics, blouses, jumpsuits and dresses. If you are a fan of silk or in need of some dresses this is your sale! So go now and show some blog love by mentioning us when you check out :)
Based on season the listed prices are:
Silk Dress $40
Silk Tops $30
Jersey Dresses $30
Jersey Tops $20

Silk Dress $30
Silk Tops $20
Jersey Dresses $20
Jersey Tops $15

Silk Dress $20
Silk Tops $10
Jersey Dresses $15
Jersey Tops $10
Who: Amanda Uprichard
Midtown When/Where: Midtown, February 24-26, 2010 10am-6pm. 226 W 37th St (b/n Seventh and Eighth Ave), 3rd floor (212-719-0320)
Downtown When/Where: Downtown, February 27-28, noon-8pm. 5 Rivington St (b/n Bowery and Christie St) (212-925-2557)


Jessica said...

Great sale! I've been in years past and always found good things but the deals seem even better this year. I got two cute silk tops for $20 each. Wish I'd had more time to spend searching through the racks.

Kelsey said...

Still no sign of the penny dress, but I am hopeful for the next sale. Two silk dresses for $40 total is not so bad in exchange, though!

Erin said...

I'm glad that you ladies both picked up some great stuff! Thanks for sharing your finds :)

Better luck finding your Penny Dress in the future Kelsey, but you're right 2 silk dresses for $40 is quite awesome!

Alice said...

Wow, there is great colour/pattern pattern going on there! I am sure I could make my pick as well if I had a chance..

Erica said...

Which location did you visit? Do you know if one has a better selection/prices over the other?

Jessica said...

I think it starts in midtown and doesn't move to the downtown location until the weekend.

klee4vp said...

such a stellar sale. almost everything is really ruffly-girly, so it can be oppressive if you don't select carefully, but i got 2 dresses (listed at $5 each, a very respectably matte silk top (listed at $5), a racerback, very plain salmon matte silk dress (listed at $20), and a jersey dress (listed at $20), all for $35.

Erin said...

they will be moving the sale after tomorrow and i think it's the same merch so you should go soon to make sure you get your bargains in your size!

Klee4VP did they slash prices further? sounds like you made out like a bandit! AMAZING!

klee4vp said...

i don't think they slashed prices more, but my friend and i went there and picked out a buncha stuff, and they quoted a total price. we countered with, "we only have $58," and they were totally cool about it, so friend and i got a boatload of dresses etc. for a pittance. the same girl told me it was different merch at the rivington sale, stuff from a different warehouse/manufacturing source.

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