Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Now Listening: Tight Pants / Body Rolls

As you probably noticed my usual taste in music is for most part pretty girly. Perhaps this is the exact opposite? My friend Nick introduced me to Leslie and the Lys the other day and the song "Tight Pants / Body Rolls" has become a total guilty pleasure of mine. Perhaps it's one of those rare cases where slightly disturbing = kind of amazing? The more I've listened the more I'm hooked. I'm a little sad that I missed her NYC concert as I hear she's even more awesome live but she's still touring cities around the country. Hope you enjoy too!

Perhaps it serves as another friendly reminder that leggings are not pants ;)


shana said...

AHHHHHH ! You posted it! hahahahah! lurve it in the funniest, most disturbing way.

Erin said...

hahaha yes! i'm glad to have a fellow Leslie Hall fan in you Shana :)

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