Wednesday, June 24, 2009

UPDATED Sample Sale Report: Amanda Uprichard

Photo's Added ;)

Amanda Uprichard is the sale for you if you love super simplicity of design and high quality silk in a variety of vibrant shades. The sale was not very busy when I stopped by during lunch. It had a pseudo changing area with one mirror.

Prices are as follows:
Silk Dresses $60
Silk Tops $45
All Jersey $40

Small number of adorable Star Printed navy blue silk shorts (perfect for the 4th of July Americana or Wonder Woman looks) $45

Small number of vests $45

Sale was racks and racks of simple silk dresses or tunics in solid colors, only a few prints existed (tribal, ikat). Mostly shorter lengths with only a few maxi’s in print or solid white left. Sizes run P-L but must seemed to be S.

Only 1 rack of jersey was there, mostly dresses and tunics! There was one adorable color block version empire dress.

2 or 3 boxes on the floor of “Bargain Bins” for $25 contained about 4 styles.
1.Metallic Silk Chiffon in Pastel Tones in a Empire Surplice Dress w. short flutter sleeve
2. Metallic Silk Chiffon in Pastel Tones in a Empire Surplice Dress w. long sleeve for Barney’s Coop Exclusive
3. Sporty White w/ Cobalt Blue or Fuschia Trimmed Stand Collar Blouse
4. Red Silk Boat Neck with Blue Bows on the Shoulders (Also spied this in Ivory). Thought this was really cute


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...;jsessionid=0a0109491f435cb004b05e814c3382a08a14d891742d.e3eSc38LcheTe34Pa38Ta38MaNz0

Did they have that dress?

Erin said...

Hi Jessica,
Sorry I'm not sure if I remember seeing that dress in specific. I wish I could remember but I was on a 10 min dash during lunch!

Jessica said...

I'll try to go by today. Thanks for the reply.

Kelsey said...

I REALLY want to stop by this sale - didn't have time yesterday. I hope it's not incredibly picked-over tonight!

Anonymous said...

Just came from the sale.... the cloths are cute, but not much left to chose from. However the prices are somewhat lower from the prices in the pics on you blog. Thanks for the heads-up on this sample sale

adhavan said...
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