Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Charlotte Ronson

Stopped by the Charlotte Ronson Sample Sale over lunch and minutes after I arrived on the scene the lunch crowd exploded. While it wasn’t too difficult to look, snagging decent pictures became a bit of a challenge as people kept walking into my shot or moving clothes at the last minute.

Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (24)

Despite the crowds the staffers kept their cool and were super friendly as they helped find shoe sizes and return merchandise to the racks. This time around the fitting room was in the bathroom down the hall. From past experience, it can be hard to see yourself in the mirror, so it might be a good idea to bring a friend.

Prices this time around were pretty straightforward for most part they used the color coded dot system that they’ve used at previous sales marking merchandise at $30, $50, $70 and topping out at just $90. Sizes ranged from XS to XL with a heavier concentration of merchandise towards the smaller end of the size spectrum.

Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (35)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (34)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (33)

The merchandise at this sample sale looked newer than previous sales and save for very few pieces I don’t remember seeing much of it before. I would say that most older merchandise is about $10 less than the previous Save Japan sample sale. This is a taste of some of the items I spotted on the $30 rack. Pretty silk flutter blouse, thermal look top, summery print cotton skirt.

Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (39)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (37)

On a table, some of the styles of shoes were laid out for display but staffers have boxes upon boxes in the back room. While the majority of shoes that are left run from sizes 7-9, there are still a few other sizes kicking around. From what I could tell most of the shoes were marked at $50 a pair. Although if you are a size 6, you are are out of luck as that size has pretty much sold out. The same table had various marled cardigans on sale for mostly in the $50 category. I think there was one style that was $30.

Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (32)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (30)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (29)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (28)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (25)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (13)

The $50 category held some cute pieces like a belted vest, elastic waist zipper shorts, some awesome fluttery floral chiffon shorts, embellished tops and a dress with embellished shoulders I recall from the last sale.

Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (31)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (12)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (11)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (10)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (9)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (7)

Most of my favorite items were in the $70 category with military cargo jackets and pretty, pretty silk feminine pieces. I loved the scallop detail on the printed shirt dress and the lace shoulders of the silk blouse. These items begged to be bought and worn now.

Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (6)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (8)

Outerwear pieces were about the only thing that I spotted in the $90 category. The leather biker jacket on the right in particular was a steal. Although only 3 jackets in size 4-6 were left while I was at the sale whoever snatches them up are lucky women indeed.

Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (23)

There were also some special merchandise items including some adorable Save Japan tees for $15 where 100% will be donated to Japan Earthquake Relief.

Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (14)Charlott-Ronson-Sample-Sale-2011 (19)

There was a basket of Belts for $15 each, a basket of slip dresses for $15 each, 2 baskets of damaged items for $10 a pop and a single pair of sample shoes left going for $25.

Great sale to pick up some breezy, casual cool pieces to wear in this Summer's heat!

Who: Charlotte Ronson Sample Sale
What: Up to 70% off clothing and accesories from Spring/Summer 2011. Snag Dresses $90 (was $315), shirts $50 (was $165).
When: July 13-15, 2011. Wed-Fri 10am-7pm
Where: 1071 6th Ave (b/n 40th & 41st St) Suite 301

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