Friday, February 19, 2010

eBay Find: Bliss Lau for $49.99

Deal alert! There are four Bliss Lau pieces going for only $49.99 on eBay with no bids and less than 22 hours to go! Each of these retail for $179-$259 each on

In case you're not familiar with Bliss' collection, her body jewelry can be worn in multiple ways over (or under) your clothing. It's a great way to add some edge to a silk dress or even just a basic tee. To see some of the pieces in action, here are some photos of the pieces in action from me and Erin.

1. Body of Roses, size medium
I love this piece, beautiful chain and very versatile. Man, I really wish this was in my size. If you're a size medium, do it! It's currently retailing for $315 at Barneys.

2. Art Deco Tuxedo, size small
I love the shape of this piece, but it's a bit dainty for my taste. I personally like the original, non-Art Deco piece better which has a heavier chain.

3. Art Deco Tuxedo, size medium

4. Art Deco Trytich, size large

If you end up getting one of these, please send pictures. I would love to see how you wear them!


pan galactic gargle blogger said...

Oh my that is a steal! I may get another; my Bliss Lau Tuxedo necklace is hands down my favorite piece of jewelry I own. Thanks for the tip!

Karafina said...

wow, you guys have been posting some awesome deals, thanks for the heads up, not that i need to buy anymore jewelry!!

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