Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bliss Lau Trunk Show

Lani Says:
Last week, Erin and I stopped by the Bliss Lau trunk show at Suite Orchard. If you've never been to Suite Orchard, it's a sweet little boutique in Lower East Side with great merchandise from designers like Loeffler Randall, Alexander Wang, and of course, Bliss Lau.

We've already written about Bliss a few times in three months we've been around, so you can imagine our excitement when we had a chance to meet the designer herself. She was so warm and welcoming, encouraging us to try on her pieces.

An avid visitor of blisslau.com, it was really nice to see all the pieces in person. Bliss appreciates clothes that can be worn in different ways, and from looking at her collection, it's evident that she tries to incorporate versatility into her designs.

After chatting with Bliss and seeing her collection, we both agreed that we have a serious girl crush on her. She's absolutely beautiful and has this ethereal glow about her. Bliss is incredibly humble and she gladly shares the credit with her hardworking staff, making sure both interns and assistants are introduced. Sweet and personable, you can't help but fall in love with her. Like Erin has said before, when you wear something from a nice designer, you wear it with such pride and joy.

At the trunk show, we got a preview of the stingray pieces that will be launching Spring 2009. Stingray is an incredibly durable textured leather that was traditionally used for Japanese sword handles. I was absolutely fascinated with the material, so I am going to hold out until spring. Interesting to note, stingray is exotic but also plentiful, so it won't have a negative impact on the environment. Oh, Bliss. We're in love.

Getting ready to try on Bliss Lau!

Bliss in "Hug Me Tight", Lani in "Diamond Top"and Suite Orchard Co-Owner Sofia

Erin Says:

One of the best parts of meeting with Bliss was hearing the story of how she began. She worked with Vivienne Westwood Showroom and they told her to just go forth and make things as creative as she would like without worrying about selling them. For a designer to be given that sort of direction is a dream come true. With no hindrances with creativity, it's no wonder so many of her designs are pure Bliss.

As Lani mentioned, many pieces can be worn in multiple ways. One of the most versatile is the Hug Me Tight which can be worn in at least 4 different ways. Bliss took the time to personally show me different ways that you can wear it. Suite Orchard's co-owner, Cindy, even came up with a way that she wears it that was even new to Bliss, the possibilities are endless.

When talking about imitators Bliss agrees with my sentiment that people can copy the designs that she has made, but no one can take away from her the designs that she will make. And I can't wait to see what will be next for this talented, young designer who radiates kindness.

Erin in "Hug Me Tight"

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