Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sale Report: Save Fashion Pop Up

As Lani previously wrote, The Save Fashion pop up shop is worth a visit. Here's a more detailed report of what I saw. The Save Fashion prices are the same as the designer's private sample sales and include lots of merch that if you frequent those sales you have likely seen before. It was still fun though because you get a look at multiple designers lines at one time! I would never normally have made it to all these sales! And if you have any shopping regrets that you failed to pick up, now is your second shot!

Most of the goods were in the definite affordable range, under 200.

3 Racks of Filippa K merch that was priced mostly in the $150 area.

2 Racks of VPL by Victoria Bartlett looked like the same merch as the previous sample sale and with color block cami tops in the $70-80 range.

Charlotte Ronson also had alot of merch leftover from their sample sale at $50 Denim Skirts, $30-50 for Tops and $45-80 for dresses

1 Rack of Catherine Holstein was around $110 for a Dress, $85 for a jacquard Skirt. This stuff was also sample sale leftovers, I was suprised they haven't reduced the prices as when I stopped by the sample sale it didn't really look like they had sold very much of. In fact the stock represented here is pretty similar to the amount of merch that was at the sample sal

1 Rack of Elise Ă˜verland was still pretty pricey with a $900 leather jacket! Other pieces were pretty high to at $180-450 for other apparel.

One thing I was a bit confused by was I thought this event was supposed to mostly showcase emerging design talent, so I was confused by the representation of Madewell (J.Crew's Denim) and of Earnest Sewn.

Lots of sweet Melissa jellies ranged mostly in the 40 something to 50 something dollar range although there was one style of strappy shoes for 35! The pair of jelly loafers I saw were $57...I was heavily considering them as an alternative to rainboots!

Best deal? Probabaly the grungy tee stylings of R?ck Ow?n? They wouldn't spell out his name, but Rick Owens Lab merch was $19 for a short tank top to 28 for a longer version. Sweatshirts for $33. All in Black, White, Dove Grey, Blue Grey, Olive or Brick. They were bringing them in continuously as girl's were snatching up the goods in multiples.

Sorry boys, no merchandise for men that I could see...
But the Save Fashion Pop Up shop will last til the end of the month and be rotating designers every Friday!!!

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