Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Club Monaco

UPDATE 3/13/13: As I suspected, prices have been slashed for the last 2 days of the sale. Here is the new price list:

tees, sweaters, shirts now $7.50 - $20
shorts, skirts, pants now $10 - $20
dresses now $25
blazers now $40
outerwear now $50
hats, belts, scarves, ties, jewelry now $5
footwear now $10 - $40
2013-03-11 18.51.032013-03-11 18.53.062013-03-11 18.53.18
I stopped by the Club Monaco Sample Sale last night and as always it's a popular one. The line creeped down the 36th Street and was about 40 people long and growing when I got on the scene. Fortunately things moved rather quickly and I managed to get inside in the last 15 minutes of the sale. As per usual at the Clothingline sales, you have to check your coat and any large bags. I also didn't see fitting rooms available to use at this sale or mirrors, so bring a friend.
2013-03-11 18.53.272013-03-11 18.53.352013-03-11 18.53.45
As for womenswear prices have increased since previous Club Monaco sales but is still affordable with a range of $10 for a basic tee/tank-$60 for a blazer, $95 for outerwear and $109 for real fur/suede or leather. While unlike previous sample sales, this time around there is not just "sample size", which in the Club Monaco world is a size 6. However smaller sizes are hard to come by. Most of the super cute skirts and pieces that I looked at were between a size 8-12 or a Large.

2013-03-11 18.54.492013-03-11 18.55.442013-03-11 18.55.48
I loved the battenburg lace skirt (only size 10/12), the color block tailored skirt (size 12) and the chunky knit sweater below (all sizes). Scarves were a great price at $10 a pop but also the fast moving item and there didn't appear to be many left by the end of the day.
2013-03-11 18.55.592013-03-11 18.56.372013-03-11 18.58.232013-03-11 18.58.412013-03-11 18.59.552013-03-11 19.01.502013-03-11 19.02.042013-03-11 19.02.17
As per usual though the menswear side of the sale was a lot emptier than womenswear and pricing was similar. Items seemed to be neatly organized into rows and there was an abundance of green wool outerwear, tee shirts and check shirts. Pants seemed organized in a more haphazard manner. While I didn't have a chance to look at sizes at the men's sale, past experience tells me that size 32 pant is plentiful as is size Medium/Large.

Full price lists below:
2013-03-11 19.01.352013-03-11 18.47.332013-03-11 18.48.112013-03-11 18.48.39
2013-03-11 19.05.052013-03-11 19.06.23
At just $10 a pop I thought men's ties were a great price if you were willing to dig through a bin of assorted pieces. Although the choices tended to be tweed, plaid or diagonal stripes on the winter-y side they were a great buy.
2013-03-11 18.48.492013-03-11 18.49.07
Lastly when it came to shoes it looked like the size to be was a 9, 10 or 11 as most shoes available were that price. If you are though you can score some Minnetonka moccasin's for just $20, Loeffler Randall rainboots for $30 or other shoes like espradilles for $40. There were a few lonely booties and riding boots that were priced at $109 a pair. I think the smallest size spied might have been an 8 1/2, so if you are a small shoe size like myself, don't get your hopes up.

Overall with great prices and a huge selection of merch the Club Monaco sale is a winner. According to staffers the emptiest time of day is between 2:30-4. I'm going to hold out to go back at a later date when things calm down and prices are likely to be slashed. However it's at this point where a lot of merchandise becomes slim pickings. If you're a Club Monaco fan, get over there.
2013-03-11 18.49.252013-03-11 18.49.342013-03-11 18.49.422013-03-11 18.50.06

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