Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Nanette Lepore

I stopped by the Nanette Lepore Sample Sale last night and was greeted by racks upon racks of clothing culled from the designer's archive. So if you've been a fan of Nanette Lepore for a while, this is the sale for you. While sizes are pretty much between a 0 and 2, most are unmarked and you'll have to do you best to figure out what fits. There is a fitting room but from what I could tell it was a mob scene and I had no desire to set foot in the room.
Prices are great topping out at $85 for a coat! For $60 there were plenty of cute jackets worth. My particular fave was a plaid peplum number found on the rack marked "Nanette's Picks" indicating that the pieces had a special fondness in the heart of the designer.

As for the rest of the sale the rooms was long and narrow with racks upon racks of merch to dig through. In fact in some instances you had to back out of an aisle so someone coming through could pass. Especially if their arms are laden with piles of merch, as was the case with most of the shoppers. I did spy though that not many left empty handed and most shoppers left with a shopping bag in hand.
Accessories were well priced and largely overlooked while I was at the sale but a bit hard to maneuver through as women waiting in line to check out were blocking the aisle for a time. Pieces include random vintage items as well as the designer's own. I have to warn you that if you don't like to dig, aren't a size 2 or 0, this may not be the sale for you. However, if you are a 0/2 and don't mind the hunt you can grab some pretty amazing pieces at a great price.
Who: Nanette Lepore Sample Sale
What: Discounts on womenswear. One of a kind samples and runway pieces are going for $10-$85.
When: March 12-15, 2013. 9am-7pm
Where: 225 W 35th St - 9th floor (b/n 7th & 8th Ave)


Anonymous said...

Dropped in today around noon. There is a ton of stuff still left and they keep bringing out more. I could have spent hours there.

Anonymous said...

I went today after 3pm and the selection has dwindles down quite significantly compared to yesterday. Was hoping there would be more goodies to bring home after my haul yesterday. There are still racks upon racks of merchandise but it looked well picked over. Definitely quantity over quality at this point, IMO.

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