Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sample Sale Report Nicholas K Sample Sale


I stopped by the Nicholas K sample sale in this afternoon in the Meatpacking district and found the sale to be relatively serene scene with just a few shoppers casually browsing and everything organized on racks in an orderly manner.  The designer himself was at the sale eating lunch when I arrived.  Prices are straight forward:

Leather Jackets $360, Other Jackets $150, Heavy Sweaters $160, Light Sweaters $120, Sweatshirts $100, Dresses/Skirts $140, Shirts $80, Pants/Shorts $50, Scarves $30, Women’s Shoes $250, Men’s Shoes $100, Jewelry $50.

Immediately to your right there is a table with women's accessories, scarves and shoes. The shoes looked like they were mostly open toe wedge boots in size 38-40.  For the women’s merchandise there was a lot of breezy shirts in trapeze shapes, atypical button ups with cut out shoulders.  Two-tone Cardigans with open backs and tie dye pieces were prominent at the sale.  I also spotted some awesome open knit sweaters that would look great worn with shorts to the beach.  Sizes for women varied from XS-L.


Although the sale featured unisex clothing there are no separate change rooms.  There is only a changing area that is tucked away from the street with a large mirror and racks to place your items on.  If you are shy make sure that you wear a tank top and leggings to the sale.

The back of the sale featured some samples that were apparently marked as low as $40!


As for men’s attire there were quite a number of rugged boots at just $100 a pop.  This leather trimmed sweatshirt looks very flattering on and there were some interesting 2-looks-in-1 jackets that snapped together or could be worn separately.  My personal favorite was a trench coat that also could be a short length jacket once zipped apart.

If you are a fan of Nicholas K’s downtown aesthetic, this sample sale is a must.

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