Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sample Sale Report Update: Simon Spurr

I stopped by quickly during lunch today at the Simon Spurr sale to check out the price reductions (for full price list scroll to the bottom).  A lot of the merchandise has moved since I last visited but there's still plenty available.  Sizing has dwindled down (denim is mostly between 30-32) and suits are for the most part 48.

Simon Spurr outerwear is now $450, leather $750, shirts $110 (2 for $190), denim $100, polos $75 and tees are now $35.  SPURR outerwear is $195, leather is $350, shirts $60, denim $45, polos $25 and tees are now $18.
Some items are priced at the same value for both lines:  suits from both SPURR and Simon Spurr are $750 and all sportscoats are going for $450.
They are also offering volume discounts on top of the reduced prices so if you end up picking up a few things don't forget to ask! Sale ends tomorrow (May 2 at 6pm).

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