Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sample Sale Report: Botkier, May 2012

The Botkier Sample Sale is amongst the small handful of sales I make sure that I never miss. If you get there early there is no telling what sort of delicious gems you can unearth on a sample table or what purse from stock is going to suddenly steal your heart and open up your wallet. Since I’m currently on the job hunt I am fighting myself against running over tomorrow morning to snatch up a few beauties.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at 260 Sample Sale I got to have a peek inside the sale tonight before the crowds are sure to attack the perfectly laden tables.
As per usual there is a photo pricing guide posted on walls that take you from $125 for smaller pieces like the Evans Clutch to the Turner iPad Case to Charlotte Crossbody. $150 will take you into the slightly larger Nicola and Stella clutches and the Leela Satchel.

For $175 you can get the 2 tone Phoenix clutch or the covetable Misha iPad Case. $225-$250 will get you small satchels, totes or shoulder bags. I am personally a huge fan of the Eden Small Satchel. $250-295 you can snag the full size satchels and hobo bags. At the top end of the price spectrum $375, you can get the Eden Hobo in select colors and Turner Weekender.
If you are interested in Small Leather Goods there is a selection by checkout that indicates all stock pieces are $75, however there are several samples amongst the mix and I spotted $15 pouches, $25 wristlets and $50 wallets.  Perfect for gifting.
As for the shoes you can get an AMAZING bargain at all flats and sandals are priced at $50 while all pumps and wedges are $75 – but the catch is that all the shoes are pretty much a size 7 save for a few that are tucked away in boxes.  The sample shoes upon closer examination are even less than the price listed on the sign and I spotted snake pumps for $35 and sandals for as low as $25!  These are beautiful shoes with leather soles!  It had me wishing I was a size 7.

As for true one off samples – the real reason I make sure I get to the sample sale early – they are plentiful.  2 tables are full of them and ready to go.  Prices as marked on attached tags.  The good news?  Staffers have 6 boxes of samples that they will be pulling out as samples disappear so you never know what you are going to get and may want to check back frequently.  Here are a few of the styles I spotted below:
IMAG5704IMAG5695IMAG5696 IMAG5697
Prices are a bit higher for samples compared to previous sales but the bags are also more structured than they once were.  On the low end I saw a patent crossbody with “distressed” damage for $30.  Lovely tone leather crossbodys for $125 and a Leon small satchel in black pebble leather for $200.
Nicola Satchels were available in a variety of shades from pale lemon, mint to caramel were $175 - I think this would make a great everyday bag.  A fringe purse was $175 while metallic Bianca bags were $150.  A studded padlock bag was now $100 while a version of the Misha Satchel was $200.

As always shop early for best selection.  If you're a size 7 shoe - you're in luck.  If you are a Botkier handbag lover like myself - you're in heaven.

Who: Botkier Sample Sale
What: 50%-70% off all handbags.  Caravel Satchel was $575, now $180. Phoenix was $575, now $295, Turner $575, now $295.
When: May 1-6, 2012. Tues-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-4pm
Where:  255 5th Ave (near 26th St).


Debie said...

Holy crap looks like a good sale! I'm gonna try to go tomorrow during lunch and pick up a Phoenix satchel. Any color you think will work best for an everyday work bag?

Erin said...

I think the Dove Snake one (kinda camel) looks really pretty and great for Spring/Summer. Hope you find something super fabulous at the sale!

Anonymous said...

Looks Great!!

Anonymous said...

so much better than ny.racked.com which has gone so downhill
anyway, great picture though im sorta over botkier ! any little triggers though? they were my favorites :)

Erin said...

Thank you! I'm glad that my pictures and shopping report were helpful for you :)

Unfortunately I didn't spot any Triggers save for 1 lone Trigger satchel in the sample section. Not sure it's a style they are gonna continue on with - which is a shame because it's been a longtime favorite of mine as well.

Anonymous said...

did you see any valentinas?

Erin said...

I did see the Valentina Hobo for $225 in white and tan

Anonymous said...

The last day had low key vibe and best buys with bags retailing for $595 going for $100 at the sample table http://garmentdistrictdiva.tumblr.com

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