Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sample Sale Report: Simon Spurr

If you were as dissapointed as I was in the Jil Sander sample sale - head on over to the Simon Spurr sale where there's PLENTY of amazing gear - all at around 70% off retail.  Similar to Jil Sander with Raf Simons exiting the label, Simon Spurr recently did the same thing, so items from Spring 12 on sale are one of the last collections designed by Spurr himself.

First off, the space is massive compared to previous sales.  It's held in the same location but has more than double the space (the office used to be partitioned off) and there's tons of merchandise.  Whether you're in the market for denim, blazers, outerwear, or shirts, this sale has you covered.  There's no coat/bag check, a couple rooms for you to change in, one giant mirror and the sale is organized really well by type of clothing and by size.  Sizing is generally available across the board with the majority of items coming in M /48.
Simon Spurr makes the BEST pair of denim hands down (in my opinion).  It's a straight leg pant with a slim leg that just works.  It's not loud, its not super skinny and flattering all around.  All Simon Spurr denim is going for $125 (retails for about $375-$495) and Spurr denim is going for $75 (retails for about $198-$225).  Again in terms of sizing for pants, there's plenty to choose from and lots of colors including a couple brighter options (red and blue shown above). 
There's one table with a few knitwear pieces and some polos.  The polo shirts are going for $95 (retails for $345) and are made out a super lightweight fabric that have taped seams which adds a nice contrast.
There are a few samples available which were never made it to production like this shirt with fabric cutout pieces with tinted edges.
If you're looking for dress shirts - again there's plenty on the racks and also a few bins sitting on the ledge by the window.  If you can't find your size on the rack don't forget to check the bins! Simon Spurr button downs are $125 and SPURR button downs are $80.
The outerwear was plentiful - and both Simon Spurr and Spurr lines have great pieces to choose from.  My favorite was probably this beige cotton coat (Simon Spurr) with a coated panel going across the chest.  Beautifully constructed piece.
If your looking to score a winter coat at a discount, there's a few wool pieces and also a small rack of ties and one shelf of accessories (sunglasses, bags, shoes and hats).

In terms of pricing, when I arrived, no lists/prices were posted so the sales person was everyone's pricelist.  They were in the process of making copies to be distributed/put up so hopefully it will be easier to gauge pricepoints soon.  As a general rule, I would say that prices are running around 70% off of retail (Mr. Porter and Park & Bond both carry Simon Spurr while Bloomingdales carries SPURR if you want to check beforehand to get a better idea of prices will be).

As usual, the people working the sale are amazingly helpful and nice which is rare in the realm of sample sales.  Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of the lines!  Based on previous sales, prices will likely get marked down towards the end of the sale.


Anonymous said...

is it cash only? thanks for the post

after the fact said...

Where is this located?!?!

Jeffo said...

Anon - they take cash and credit

After the Fact - 210 11th Ave - Suite 903 (b/n 24th & 25th St). The sale runs until Wed May 2.

If you go hope you score some great stuff.


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