Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Full Look: Harajuku Mini for Target

Target had collaborated with Ms Gwen Stefani, muscisian and fashion designer extraordinaire to create Harajuku Mini for Target - an exclusive collection featuring apparel and accessories for girl and boy infants and toddlers and tween girls.  The collection will drop in 2 shipments – the first will be on November 13, 2011 while the second will drop on December 25, 2011.

The collection includes many of the signature hallmarks of Stefani's personal style that mixes rock & roll with girly touches. Plaid, frills, tutus, stripes and leopard print are amongst the clothing for girls.  The boys' clothing relies on plaid, stripes, graphics and little tuxedo looks that kind of just melt my heart.  In addition throughout the collection there are plenty of stylized cartoons of Gwen, the Harajuku girls and animals including the Panda, Lion, Bunny and Cow. Cute attack!

GwenGwen (1)
“I’ve always been inspired by the cool children’s clothing in Japan, but it was always so hard for me to find it here,” said Gwen Stefani. “That’s why I am so excited to partner with Target because I’m able to create something inspired by that look but that’s easy to find and affordable. Now all the moms can get their hands on it!”
Gwen (2)Gwen (3)Gwen (4)Gwen (5)Gwen (6)Gwen (7)
Gwen (8)Gwen (9)Gwen (10)Gwen (11)Gwen (12)Gwen (13)Gwen (14)Gwen (15)Gwen (16)Gwen (17)Gwen (18)Gwen (19)Gwen (20)Gwen (21)Gwen (22)
The collection includes more than 80 exclusive fashion items and accessories – from plaid-print jumpers, fuzzy hoodies and tuxedo-style onesies to bow-adorned headbands, faux-leather jackets and trendy punker pants. Available in sizes from six months to 16 years, apparel and accessories prices range from $3.99 to $29.99. Thankfully the clothing line is very age appropriate and would make the perfect holidays gift for any children in your life.
Gwen (23)Gwen (24)Gwen (25)Gwen (26)Gwen (27)Gwen (28)Gwen (29)Gwen (30)Gwen (31)Gwen (32)Gwen (36)Gwen (33)Gwen (34)Gwen (35)Gwen (37)Gwen (38)Gwen (39)Gwen (40)Gwen (41)Gwen (42)Gwen (43)Gwen (51)[7]Gwen (44)Gwen (45)Gwen (47)Gwen (48)Gwen (49)Gwen (50)

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