Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Miha

So I went back to the Miha Sale to have another look and pick up some items for myself - so you know that the sale was worth me hauling butt to nearly 9th Avenue twice in one day.
If you are a size Small or a size 4, get yourself down to the garment district stat for Miha’s sample sale.  You’ll find modern clothing with an edge at a huge discount!  I spotted  few other sizes from XS to M and size 0 to 6 but the vast majority of the sale is in Small/4.
Miha Sample Sale (2)Miha Sample Sale (3)
Samples start at just $15 for soft jersey tops, printed tanks and lace tanks in signature Miha lace.Miha Sample Sale (4)Miha Sample Sale (5)Miha Sample Sale (6)
In the $30 range you can snag airy knits, a gorgeous cascade front sleeveless blouse or printed tunic. I couldn’t resist the blouse and ended up going back for it.  I think they also had it in a light grey color.  The double stand collar is really quite cool.
Miha Sample Sale (7)Miha Sample Sale (8)Miha Sample Sale (9)Miha Sample Sale (10)Miha Sample Sale (11)
$40 can get you plenty of skirts including metallic foil, brushed twill and plaid minis, body con ribbed pencil skirt and soft pleated shorts.  I ended up picking up a not particularly practical pair of leather hot pants because they were adorable!
Miha Sample Sale (18)Miha Sample Sale (19)Miha Sample Sale (20)Miha Sample Sale (21)
You can also find gauze lace tanks and pretty beaded tanks, pleated front blouses and I found a fantastic organic pleated dress for myself.
Miha Sample Sale (12)Miha Sample Sale (13)Miha Sample Sale (14)Miha Sample Sale (15)Miha Sample Sale (16)Miha Sample Sale (17)
For $50 you can get draped faux suede finish jackets or vests or a boucle jacket with faux fur collar or a metallic sequin mini or tee shirt. You can also get a pair of really cool leather/ribbed pants if you can squeeze into them - I could not.
Miha Sample Sale (23)Miha Sample Sale (24)Miha Sample Sale (25)Miha Sample Sale (26)
$85 will get you a chiffon party dress in a fantastic neon green or a soft grey for those less color inclined.  You could also get a boucle jacket with leather trim or a sequined party dress.
Miha Sample Sale (27)Miha Sample Sale (28)
For $115 there is a wide variety of colors of perfectly shrunken little leather jackets – some featuring hoods plenty of pockets and others in a more biker style. These are moving quickly and staffers had to pull out more stock to keep up with demand. There are were still 2 racks with a variety of colors at the end of the day.  Gotta warn you, even though I spotted a few mediums, these fit pretty snugly so they will be great for petite ladies.
Miha Sample Sale (29)Miha Sample Sale (30)
The sale maxes out at $195 for sweater styles featuring fur and leather trim.
Staffers are friendly and the sale was only moderately busy with plenty of room to move around.  With large windows the sale is brightly lit.  There is a small storage room where ladies could try things on in and 1 really large mirror.
At these prices what are you waiting for?  Peep my buys above.
Who: Miha
What: Up to 80% off on womenswear
When: November 7-9, 2011. Mon-Wed 10am-7pm
Where: 330 West 38th St (b/n 8th & 9th Ave), suite 1202 (no phone)

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