Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sample Sale Report: nOir Jewelry

The nOir Jewelry sample sale was the same drill as usual. Find the elevator under the red awning, avoid the catering carts as you make your way up the elevators and arrive in their brightly lit showroom where coat & bag check were necessary.

Prices are well indicated and for most part everything has been neatly tucked away into little plastic baggies and corresponding bins.  The sale looked a little emptier than usual and there was a good number of ladies from the lunch time shopping crowd making their way around the room collecting on velvet lined trays.
The beloved crystal studded animal rings that nOir has become synonymous with were $75 a pop while rings like the Brooklyn Bridge, Barbie House, Pirate ship and Babooshkas will set you back $100.  There were a few random pieces from the Gotham/Batman collection that I spotted on sporadically but mostly in other people’s trays as they are moving quickly.  Leather cuffs are $40, with some crystal $75, with full crystal pave $125.
There were items from the current season collection for around $50-75. 
Chunky plastic bangles are $10, necklaces can be found starting at $25, pyramid bracelets with no stones are $30.  Rings range in size from 5-10. For the more ornate rings in the bins were $45

$25 for stacking and cocktail rings.
$15 for dagger & rhinestone snake rings.

I spotted a mystery bin of random things branded Heritage priced to clear at 4 for $1. But a closer inspection showed tennis racket charms and the like.

Go quickly if you are a fan of nOir as pieces are moving fast!

More pictures to come.

Who: nOir Sample Sale
What: Up to 75% below retail price, missing this event would be the biggest of fashion faux pas'. Must-have cocktail rings, statement necklaces, bracelets and much more. Leather cuffs with pave detailing $35 to $90 (was $85- $215), CZ necklaces $95 (was $250), and embellished solid brass animal rings $25 to $95 (was $70 to $275)
When: November 9-11, 2011. Wed-Thurs 10am-7pm
Where: 350 West 38th St (nr 9th Ave) 5th Floor. 212-244-4846


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Erin said...

It's CND Shellac Hotski to Tchotchke with 1 coat of CND Shellac Mother of Pearl. My nails were actually done 2 weeks ago :-) Shellac lasts forever!

Grace said...

Hi Erin! It's been so long since I went to a sample sale but stopped by this one and got myself leather cuffs with crystals! It's so pretty! My favorite accessory this year! Thinking about whether to go on the last day!

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