Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Tim Hamilton

Stopped by the Tim Hamilton sale at lunch today - I was seriously debating on whether or not to go since it was so flipping hot outside. Thankfully after trekking cross town, there was no lineup when I got there and only a few shoppers. While there is a bag check sign no one checked my bag which was nice! There was one changing room area near the front and one giant mirrored wall which made it easy to try on items and see how they fit.

The sale was definitely on the orderly side with everything neatly folded and displayed. Some of the items were still wrapped in packaging but shoppers are free to open them up to check out the items. Sizing ended up being pretty random from why I could see and ranged from S-XL depending on the item. For the newer merch, there were only one or two of any given style which again ranged in sizing.

Womenwear prices are pictured above left - there were only a few racks of womenswear with the bulk being menswear (finally!). Pricing for men varied - Tim Hamilton's Redux line was definitely more affordable than the previous sale I went to which was nice (polo's and crewnecks were $30, sweatshirts $50 and jeans/chinos $35. His collection pieces mostly had prices marked on tags. Blazers were around $200, sweaters $200 and outerwear $200-$350. I didn't pay too much attention to the bulkier items since it was so bloody hot and I could barely think straight.
There were also some bargain boxes - the $25 box was mostly T's while the $50 box had a great cream colored knitted cardigan. There was also a lone rack of shirts for $30 which was a steal.

There were a couple of racks of pants for men - one was $75 and the other $50

There was one table which housed pieces from the 2011 Spring Redux collection and was a bit more in terms of pricing - but not significantly. One of my favorite pieces was this color blocked polo which was a bit too big on me so I had to pass.

There were a couple of racks of shoes which ranged from $60 for sandals to $125 for boots. The sales people mentioned that you would get a better deal if you bought more than one pair of shoes.

I ended up grabbing this paneled T for $35 and a super light weight mini check shirt for $60. I also got an extra discount for paying in cash so if you have it handy I'm sure they will give you a better deal.

I'm seriously debating on going back tomorrow since a sales associated mentioned to me that prices will go down - but its supposed to hit 100 degrees tomorrow so now I'm debating on just hibernating anywhere where the AC is blasting. If you're interested in checking out this sale, it runs from now until Saturday.

Who: Tim Hamilton and Tom Scott Sample Sale
What: 60%-70% off menswear, womenswear and footwear. Purchases under $100 are CASH ONLY. Card accepted for purchases greater than $100.
When: July 21-23, 2011. Thus-Fri (9:30am-7pm), Sat (11am-5pm).
Where: 508-526 W 26th St (b/n 10th & 11th Ave) - Suite 5B. 917-335-4517

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