Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Sunner

The Sunner Sample Sale is seriously amazing right now. I made my way to the sale in literally the last 10 minutes before closing. Not only was there a plethora of cute clothes but they were slashed to seriously amazing prices. Everything except for the wool coats is now just $20. Wool coats are still $50. Although staffers remarked that the stock has been seriously depleted, I still found plenty of things from size XS-XL hanging out on the racks. Most of what I saw though was between sizes S-M.

Sunner-Sample-Sale-2011 (11)Sunner-Sample-Sale-2011 (18)Sunner-Sample-Sale-2011 (17)Sunner-Sample-Sale-2011 (15)Sunner-Sample-Sale-2011 (13)Sunner-Sample-Sale-2011 (10)

When I was at the sale there were about 15 other shoppers but there was enough room to maneuver the racks and find some serious bargains. Word of warning although there is a changing area, one of the doors has a glass window that peeps out into the hall. If you are shy, sport a tank top and loose skirt. Also there is only one mirror so it might be best to bring a friend. While the sale may have been organized earlier on in the day, upon my arrival there was no particular rhyme or reason to the sizing or where things were placed. Staffers were working to sort types of items together but shoppers would just as quickly ravage the racks and there were an assortment of goodies mixed together and in boxes that were around the sales floor.

Most of the merch is in either a thin silk or lightweight cotton poplin which make it ideal for wearing in this summer heat. Jumpsuits, shorts and silk dresses were all priced the same. Staffers are super friendly and incredibly patient. They let the last minute shoppers like myself continue to shop and try on a full 30 minutes after closing time. I kept spotting other girls holding something in a cute print I might want and ended up shopping 20 minutes beyond what I had initially planned for.

Sunner-Sample-Sale-2011 (3)Sunner-Sample-Sale-2011 (2)Sunner-Sample-Sale-2011 (1)

Here are my $20 finds! A maxi Toile print dress, Floral Print Culottes, Silk Ruffle Hem Shorts.

Highly recommend the sale if you are in need of some bold prints or lightweight summer clothes in your life at amazing prices. Dresses in particular are a steal!

Who: Sunner
What: Everything is under $50! Shop stock of summer dresses, shirts, jumpers, printed silk tops.
When: July 20-21, 2011. Wed-Thurs 8:30am-7pm
Where: 265 West 37th St (b/n 7th & 8th Ave) 9th Floor West

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Anonymous said...

just went to the sale - prices were amazing! good sizes still left. bought a dress that may need altering but at 20 dollars who cares! love the maxi dress you got - will you belt it? i tried it on as well but it was a bit too long

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