Monday, June 13, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Richard Chai–July 2011

If you missed Richard Chai’s sample sale back in March fear not because now you have your chance to redeem yourself and snag some beautiful clothes at a significant discount. The sale when I stopped by around 6:30pm wasn’t too crowded and I had plenty of room to navigate the store, Odin (Chai’s brother Eddy’s store), which had been transformed to house the merchandise. Everything was super neat and organized and staffers were friendly. Since this is in a boutique, you have the added bonus of fitting rooms, unfortunately there are only 2 so you may have to wait your turn. Fortunately they are equipped with large mirrors.


For womenswear pricing was very similar if not the same to the last sample sale. Since Richard Chai’s Love collection is where my budget lies and due to my limited time, I spent most of my time looking at that particular line of merchandise and as far as I can tell pricing was exactly the same. $50 for tops & skirts, $85 for pants, $90 for dresses and topping out at around $150 for outerwear. While some of the merch was identical from the last sale there was definitely some new items thrown into the mix.


I also caught a glimpse of what they dubbed the “Drew Barrymore Sequin Top” priced at just $50. While the version Drew wore was a long sleeve, the version at the sale was a short sleeve – still very cute and great for a night out.

As for the main line tops and skirts are $120. The real deal is the leather pants/skirts at just $100 a pop and leather jackets for $150! I think I was too distracted to notice there were shoes at the sale, but now I’m starting to think that I want to make a second trip back although it would most certainly destroy my clothing budget. Dresses are $200 and I spotted this beautiful silk printed dress from the last sale again. Prices max out at $450 for shearling, of which I only spotted 2 or 3 of.

As for menswear pricing was pretty similar to the last round according to Jeff. Men’s Shorts $50, Men’s Shirts $75, Men’s Sweaters $85, Men’s Tank $35, Jackets $157/$175 (?). There was some awesome men’s invisible striped knit that totally caught Jeff’s attention. Unfortunately as he did not have any sizes available, I decided to scoop up a sweater for myself. I think the sheer stripes will look great in the summer thrown over cut off shorts or a dress for a breezy look.

Here are my scores from the sale:


Silk Blouse $50, Men’s Invisible Knit Sweater $85

PS. They are re-stocking tomorrow!

Who: Richard Chai Sample Sale
What: Discounts on high quality men's and women's clothing
When: June 13-16, 2011. Mon-Thurs noon-8pm
Where: Odin, 750 Greenwich St (nr W 11th St)


Anonymous said...

I love Richard Chai's designs, I bought some of his clothing at the last sample sale and was realy impressed by the quality and construction. I for one will not be missing this opportunity to blow my clothing budget on some amazing deals!

Erin said...

I love the quality too! And since most are made in the USA / New York you can feel good about supporting the local economy

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