Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Now Wearing...

I'm in California this week for a family reunion. It's been so great to spend time with relatives I haven't seen in years. It's so amazing to see my younger cousins and the people they've blossomed into. It's kind of funny how much we've all grown and changed, but at the core, we're all still the same.

The weather for this epic family reunion has been perfection. The mornings have started cloudy, but by the afternoon it's nothing but sunshine and double happiness.
Taking after my Asian mother, I've become very obsessed with sun protection, so now I almost always travel with a hat - that and I just love hats.
Mud silk jacket - Samantha Pleet
Small tote with knot detail - Katherine Kwei "Lulu" courtesy of Katherine Kwei
Tank - Target
Skirt & hat - Forever 21
Wirst cuff - Botkier
Fringe studded flats - Zara
In New York, it can take three trains and a ferry to get to the beach. Here, it takes just a quick drive or even bike ride. This trip to Southern California has been a much needed break from the concrete jungle.

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