Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Now Wearing...

Yellow dress - secondhand from my friend Kim
Two-toned handbag - Botkier "Howard"
Ripped tights - DIY
Roper boots - Justin
Floppy hat - Forever 21
Eyeglasses - Moscot
I cannot believe I own this bag! It's a Botkier bag. The Howard style is available in a variety of solid leathers, but the Howard in the Mykonos python embossed calfskin was a Nordstrom exclusive. I had tweeted about it a couple times and linked all of my closet girlfriends to it for second opinions. The consensus was that while it was a "very Lani bag", the cost was a bit steep for such a trendy bag that might not be fit for everyday use.
Then just last week I spotted it during Botkier's online sample sale, deeply discounted. I was frantically trying to purchase it in between meetings, but the site was lagging due to overwhelming traffic. One of my friends was super sweet and bought it for me while I was away from the computer!
I don't actually like being super matchy, but sometimes it just happens. The nail polish is "New Money" from Ginger + Liz. It is the exact color of my Botkier bag. A match made in my fashion heaven!
I snapped this photo using the new HTC Droid Incredible 2, which will be available on Verizon. Erin and I are each testing out the phones for a couple weeks and will be posting a review in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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