Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eyewear Favorites: Moscot, Warby Parker & SEE

I've had glasses ever since my early teens, and it wasn't until recently that I finally found a pair of glasses that I really liked. Before it didn't really matter because I wore contacts all the time, but over the last couple of years, my eyes have become more sensitive. And it doesn't help that I spend so much time staring at a computer screen (for work, blogging, even Djing).

Glasses have always been a difficult purchase for me because I don't have much of a nose bridge, so it really cuts down on my options. I really love the way plastic frames look, but most of them sit too low on my face or too close to my face - so close my eyelashes will touch the lenses!

2007-2009, Alain Milki frames
I wore these metal lime green tinted frames for a couple years. And while I really loved them, they were sometimes problematic once I started wearing them everyday because didn't match everything in my wardrobe. So I decided I wanted something more classic and basic like black, brown or even gray.

Now, Moscot frames
I bought my latest pair from the Moscot shop at 14th St & 6th Ave. They're the Rikki frames and sell for $225. I would have never picked out these frames if it hadn't been for the sales associate since I've always been told that I looked better with squarish frames. And these frames as-is wouldn't work with my super Asian nose. But...! Moscot has a vendor that can add custom nose pads to any frames for $50.

I love the selection of frames at Moscot - great styles and variety of colors. They also carry other brands that aren't widely available elsewhere. And the staff is super helpful when it comes to picking out the right frames for your face shape and complexion.

It can be a bit pricey to get glasses from Moscot, but they do accept VSP. After insurance, I still paid almost $300 out of pocket, but that's because I needed thinner lenses and the custom nose pads. If you order your glasses with VSP, it will take a few weeks for your glasses to be ready.

I don't want to say anything negative about Moscot because I really love their product and how knowledgable their staff is, but I will say that my order took five weeks instead of "2-3 weeks" and there was a bit of confusion over my balance. On big purchases, always save your receipt, so you can be prepared if questions come up!

SEE Eyewear
The other shop I checked out in my epic search for frames was SEE Eyewear on Bleecker in West Village. They also had a pretty extensive section of frames with a variety colors in each style. Their prices, which start as low as $169, include single vision lenses, so they can be quite the deal - though I should mention that my favorites were all $250+.
I like shopping for glasses at SEE because everything is available in the open for you to try on, so you don't have to wait every time you see something you like.

I tried on almost very pair in the store, and I found two options that worked for me. While frames and basic lens deal is quite affordable, with all the extra things I needed (thinner lenses for heavy prescription and anti-glare), they would have cost me over $300. They don't accept VSP, but they do offer a courtesy 10% off to VSP customers.

Warby Parker
It's no secret that I love Warby Parker They're a newer line of eyewear, and they're great! All of their styles are super fresh, and they have a great business model. They sell frames and lenses for only $95 (only extra $30 for high-index lenses), and they offer free at-home try on. And somehow, they manage to give a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased.

The only reason why I don't own a pair myself is because none of them could sit on my face. A few of my friends have Warby Parkers and they love them, but they have commented that the frames slide down a bit.

The collection is available mainly online at warbyparker.com, but you can also try on and shop at their Union Square showroom or the Steven Alan in Brooklyn.


Adele said...

Your glasses look adorable! I somehow ended up with 3 pairs of glasses from See. Maybe their sales are a little too good...

Monique said...

awesome post! your new glasses look great

Anonymous said...

I have worn glasses most of my life and my favorite store is GlassesShop.com. It allows you to upload a photo of yourself and virtually "try on" glasses before you purchase them! What an awesome idea!

RockRushIndia said...

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