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The Royal Treatment by Phyto & Lierac

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A couple Friday's ago on the day of the Royal Wedding, I was invited to hang out with the lovely ladies of Style Coalition over delicious cocktails and feel a little bit like Royalty while receiving a massage, scalp analysis and hair styling session.  With the Royal Wedding playing in the background and beautiful white gardenia flowers everywhere.  I learned so much about Phyto hair care and Lierac skin care and being a former beauty junkie and somewhat of a geek about products I was sitting with my ears perked up!

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So Phyto is something of a hair care treatment instead of just being a hair product line.  They analyze you scalp at 1000xs the magnification using a special scope to examine the condition of your scalp, follicles and key problems.  My scalp was rather frightening! I couldn't even bear to take a photo as up close my scalp looks like another planet with oil and product build up and dry scalp (not my scalp pictured) Yikes!  I did learn however I have pretty thick hair because 3 hairs are coming out of each follicle! Hurray! 

The line very similar to a new skin care regime takes about 6 weeks to show results.  My analysis was completed with a "prescription" to products that would remedy my situation and tips specific to my hair condition.  For example, I don't actually have to use conditioner and a few spritzes of leave in are sufficient on the ends.

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I headed over to the massage station and was introduced to Lierac's Sensorielle.  An amazing combination of the scents camellia rose, jasmine and gardenia infused in a combination of oils from sweet almond, argan, hazelnut and grape seed. The oil is incredibly versatile and smells amazing.

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You can use it to soften your face, body, use if for massage, put it on your hair and even put a little in your bath to create a milky Cleopatra style protective bath.  While oil and water don't normally mix, this one does.  Not only is it full of antioxidants but it’s also supposed to also have healing properties that make it ideal for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Since I have some skin conditions, I really hope to try it out one day to see if it will make a difference.

My massage melted all my stress from the week away and I soon found myself to be a puddle in the massage chair until I overheard conversations that I wanted to be a part of (the Matt Bernson Sample Sale I had just come from) my massage therapist asked me if something was wrong, so I forced myself to relax and not listen to all the interesting things going on around the room.

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I had a chance to chat with a rep from Lierac and I confirmed my thoughts that prevention is the best battle strategy against aging.  I started using eye cream at the tender age of 18 and have never looked back.  I also learned that when it comes to using products that are considered treatments they should always be applied before moisturizer and make-up.  I also learned that all sunscreen is not created equal.  Sunscreen that is chemical should be considered a treatment and be put on before make-up while sunscreen that mineral sunscreens should be applied after make-up.

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While sipping a jasmine infused cocktail I also chatted with Yves Durif, celebrity hair stylist extraordinaire. He gave me a very special comb to be used while washing hair to detangle and distribute product without breaking hair.  He gave me some ideas for my hair, telling me that while it suits my face, angling my hair to be shorter in the back would flatter my body.  He even had a staffer take photos to demonstrate the difference it would make to my body.  It was also interesting to realize that hair not only frames the face but it can uplift the entire body.  I hope that I’ll have a chance to realize Yves vision for my hair before too long.

While there may be one less Prince for the rest of us, I couldn’t help leaving Style Coalition Lounge feeling as pampered as a Princess!

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All photography courtesy of Ana Schechter.

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Yinka said...

Wow Erin! Nice ! i can see you had a great time there... I definitely NEED a scalp analysis myself....Thanks for sharing!

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