Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Fenton-Fallon April 2011

So today during lunch I had the chance to swing by the Fenton-Fallon Sample Sale between bites of my Pret Sandwich! I made my way all the way to near 9th Avenue to find myself in a brightly lit showroom and a complete change of pace from the usual Fenton-Fallon sales that happen at the LES Boutique.  It gave me a chance to get to the sale a bit earlier than previously but still not early enough to beat the morning crowds of jewelry hungry fans that sought out bargains and wiped out the entire Tim Hamilton section.  So this sale has no men’s jewelry, however our menswear correspondent, Jeff Cheung, did get the sales associates to sell to him the yet to be released new current season pieces at retail.

Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (6)Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (17)amples started at just $10 and I saw the Judy Jetson space age earrings that I spotted at a previous sample sale for $40 a pop!  Also a couple of those uber sparkly crystal necklaces and a few pearl/rhinestone rings for $10.  Since they weren’t necessarily iconically in the style of Fenton/Fallon I passed.

Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (5)Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (18)At the $20 ottoman there were various plastic chain necklaces, ball chain necklaces and rings that were pyramid stud looks or crystal and geometric disk looks that covered a couple fingers.

Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (7)Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (8)

The sale was neatly organized into pricing categories that moved up as you moved left.  Everything was neatly laid out and pricing was indicated by stickers that tagged each item.  From the $30 table you’ll see various natural shell necklaces and tassel looks in addition to cuffs and rhinestone necklaces.

Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (9)Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (10)

In the $40 section there were many super fun sparkly dangly slightly 80s looking earrings and you begin getting into some of the iconic tangled chain looks and some fun candy pop plastic looks as well.  I really liked the chain and pearl combinations for a edge on lady-like.

Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (3)Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (2)

In the $50 category there were a few bead and chain bib necklaces, one of which I snagged left and some more candy pop jewelry in addition to fringe rhinestone necklaces and geometric mesh chain and gem earrings.  The $60 category yielded some fun textural feather looks in addition to an amazing crystal locket cuff and a plastic/chain combo necklace.

Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (1)Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (16)

The $80 category yielded some newer more detailed pieces that had more fringe, lace or other pieces going on.

Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (12)Fenton-Fallon-April-2011-Sample-Sale (13)

Finally if you are not a girl on a budget the Fenton pieces that were on hangers and a rolling rack were going for $100 a pop and some were absolutely gorgeous.

A definite must if you are a fan of bold, glam rock jewelry that is sure to get you noticed.  Also a must if you are like myself are a fan of the 80s/early 90s style.  Move quickly because the jewelry is going fast!

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