Friday, September 24, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Fenton/Fallon

After the last Fenton/Fallon Sample sale where I picked up my beloved eagle ring that I wear practically everyday, when I heard another sale was on the radar I was absolutely determined to pick up some more of designer Dana Lorenz’s creations to add to my jewelry wardrobe. These days with my closet at point of critical condition unless I purge, I’ve turned my eye towards tinier objects to fascinate me.

I made my way down Freeman Alley just before 7pm and getting there always feels like I’m headed on a mini NYC adventure (to enter, you actually have to walk on Rivington St between Chrystie & Bowery into the end of the alley way and make a right after the brick wall that has “FENTON” written on it. This time around the sale was quite busy and there were easily 15-20 people in the boutique at any given time browsing the selection and viewing possible purchases in one of 3 mirrors that were sectioned together on a wall.

When you enter the sale the more affordable items are starting at your left there was a small selection of goodies at just $10. Mostly bangles I’d seen at the last sample sale and random one-earrings that could be fun on their own.Next off is a selection of sparkling rhinestone earrings for just $30. These are so glam rock 80s. The make me think of Jem and the Rockers.Beside it are some fun gem earrings for $20 and magnetic necklaces that make disco shine around your face for $25. These disco necklaces kept disappearing then reappearing as people were narrowing down their purchases throughout the night. Also great snake earrings for $25 with rhinestone heads.The table on the right yielded some statement necklaces and I was admiring and contemplating the tribal bib necklaces that I passed up on last time around. Now they are priced at $60. Bracelets $50, headbands $55, earrings $50.I thought these space age looking earrings were pretty fantastic and they were $40 a pair.Plenty of $35 cuffs caught my attention. There were many of the classic pyramid versions from last sale, but plenty of new varieties to behold my attention. I couldn’t resist the tribal bird like cuff with pyramids in the bottom right corner. Apparently no one else could either because the 3 or 4 on display seemed to vanish by the end of the sale.On the shelf above larger more elaborate bracelets and cuffs were going for $50.

There was also a small selection of vintage clothing for 60% off that I didn’t pay much mind to and amazing Fenton necklaces (the higher end line) for $125 (slashed from $175 previously in the day). These are slightly more elaborate and very chain heavy designs.It took me a while to realize what these pieces are – were they bones, random shapes or what? Then it came to me suddenly - they are ram’s heads! This amazing and original necklace was $50. There was only 1 left when I was leaving.The final temptation? This bowl of rings that was right by the cash for just $25 a pop. My beloved eagle was in there, in addition to some LOVE rings, locket rings and great dark metal band with single round pyramid that I almost picked up.

So as I was checking out, I noticed that if you were paying cash, it’s a lot faster to get through the line. Otherwise there is a bit of a line. But it was totally understandable after the after work crowd made their way to the sale about the same time and was all queuing to cash out.

They will not be re-stocking and the sale is currently about 60%+ sold through, but there is still plenty to love. Make your way quickly for best selection.

Who: Fenton/Fallon Sample Sale
What: Deep discounts on great graphic and super fun jewelry. Stud Cuffs are $35 (was $180). One of a kind necklaces $80-200 (was $500-1000).
When: September 23-24, 2010. Thursday 1pm-8pm, Fri 1pm-7pm
Where: End of Freeman Alley, 187 Chrystie St.(Enter via Rivington St between Chrystie & Bowery St) 212.477.1315


Elena said...

I believe I was the one who bought the last ram's head necklace! Hahaha, I had to ask one of the girls what was on the necklace. Looking at your pictures I wish I could've gotten the longer version! I also bought the eagle ring in the ring bowl---such a great sale!!!!

Erin said...

good stuff Elena :) I snagged one for myself too! the longer version is actually 2 rams head necklaces attached together to create a long necklace! I actually picked that one up first and was examining it! Glad you enjoyed the sale as much as I did!

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