Friday, September 24, 2010

Stella McCartney Launches Menswear

Stella McCartney has been designing for Adidas ever since 2004 but for the first time, will be launching a menswear line. According to Vogue UK, apart from bespoke clothing (i.e. custom tailored clothing) McCartney has never done anything for men. McCartney is also set to design the official gear for the 2012 Olympic games which will be held in London.

There are three lifestyle-inspired lines that McCartney is launching which will incorporate her new menswear pieces and will include T's, hooded sweatshirts, and trackpants. The designer also notes to Vogue, "it's interesting to be able to work on both men's and women's looks in a more casual sporting arena, and to have a kind of easiness to them that appeals to people but still has a sort of edge, an element of the language of the Olympic games and Team GB."

I'm definitely anxious to see this line once it becomes available. McCartney's lines for Adidas have always been practical and made athletic gear less gym-like. Perfect for those who like to look good while doing something good for their body. Don't get me wrong, while there are some great athletic apparel companies out there, McCartney's line for Adidas is one of the few to really infuse style into anything wheather it be a simple pair of running shorts, gym bag or tennis gear.

While there are other sportswear collaborations out there including Puma X McQueen, these lines generally tend to be geared towards those who like to look sporty versus those who actually are sporty. Whatever the case, I hope the line will fuse practicality and functionality with McCartney's personal aesthetic.

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