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Sample Sale Report: Charlotte Ronson April 2011

As soon as the work day was done, I headed for Charlotte Ronson’s Sample Sale right by Bryant Park.  I got there about 6:25pm and there were only about 5 other shoppers.  I had plenty of room to maneuver the sale and check out all the goods with ease.  At every Charlotte Ronson Sale, there is the “Cheap Room” where prices didn’t go over $40 and the “Reasonable Room” where prices maxed out at $80.  An with profits going towards Japan (via the Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund) can you really complain?

In terms of clothes sizes ranged from 0-10 or XS-XL but a heavier concentration of the sale product ranged from 0-4 or XS-S.

 Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (2)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (3)

The “Cheap Room” started out with shoes marked at just $20 a pop but unfortunately not too many are left if you are a size 10 though there are a few pairs left in addition to 1 pair of 6 1/2 left.

Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (4)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (5)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (6)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (7)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (17)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (32)

There is 1 $20 rack of clothing and on it you’ll find a variety of samples like a Save Japan Tee shirt, a denim zip romper, studded jean skirts, stripe knit samples with cut out shoulders I spotted from last sample sale and a denim chambray shirt dress that I bought maybe 3 or 4 sample sales ago.  A few pairs of shorts and some denim skirts with pyramid studs.

Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (11)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (14)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (9)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (10)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (12)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (13)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (15)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (16)

The rest of the room was mostly $40 items that made up 3 or so racks of clothing.  You can find fresher items that I don’t remember seeing at previous sales.  You can find a large variety of cotton button up blouses.  Only a couple boyfriend chambray shirts were left and I snagged one.  There is also quite a variety of skirts in feminine summery prints or a statement tulip skirt with a stud happy waistband.  Definitely quite a few pairs of cotton sateen trousers and shorts that were very classic looking in soft pink or washed blue that paired perfectly with blazers I spotted in the $60 section.  Some of my fave pieces were the silk blouses with special details.  I was also partial to the acid-wash grandpa cardigans.

Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (18)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (20)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (21)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (19)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (22)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (23)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (24)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (25)Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (31)

Once you get to the $60 pieces you’ll find some more career oriented pieces like a double breasted shirt dress, boyfriend jacket that pairs back to the $40 pants/shorts and flutter sleeve blouses.

Charlotte-Ronson-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (26)

The one item I spotted in the $80 range was this adorable cargo pocket jacket with rope cord detail that was available in this naval blue but also available in khaki.

There were also a couple buckets with slips for $15 and damaged items for $15 but I couldn’t really be bothered to look through it.

As for the change room, they moved back from the restrooms of the last sale into a back room in the office area, so you’ll pass stock and cubicles as staff leads you to their “fitting area”.  It’s a common fitting area but it was not crowded or awkward and there is a large mirror in which you could review your purchases.  There is plenty of room to set your belongings down and I ended up throwing my clothes over a chair while I tried things on.

A great sale if you’re looking for some sweet or classic pieces.

Who: Charlotte Ronson
What: Discounts on womenswear including chiffon dresses for $80 and sweaters/shorts/skirts for $60.
When: April 13-15, 2011. 10am-7pm
Where: 1071 6th Ave - suite 301 (b/n 40th & 41st St)

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That It Girl said...

Hi! Were the studded flats in the bin in smaller sizes? Hoping to get them in a 6 1/2 or 7. Thanks!!!

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