Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Multi-Brand + Cynthia Steffe Sale

So perhaps you already caught my Tweets from the mixed designer sale today?  If not make sure you follow SugrRockCatwalk to stay up-to-date with the latest from sample sales.

Anyways, since Cynthia Steffe was one of the designer’s featured at the sale I was super excited.  I did wonder however why the address was different for this sale.  And it turned out that it wasn’t the usual legendary sample sales that has my heart racing and my arms laden with goodies.  Guess I’ll have to wait til next Spring for one of those.


This time around it was a much humbler sample sale that took place in a large space on 7th Avenue.  The room was bright (2 skylights ensured it) but humid.  There was a muggy feeling about the space despite the cool temperatures outside.

The shoppers on scene from what I could tell were mostly patternmakers from the area.

Perhaps this was a true “sample” sale as I had a hard time discerning sizes although things did appear to be on the small end of the spectrum and I didn’t notice any styles in a full size run.  I did however notice some floral printed pants in variations of the same print.  Perhaps test prototypes to see  which one was going to go forward?

There was plenty of room to look, although occasionally you’d have to go out of your way to avoid several small groups of women (the patternmakers) shopping together.

I did not spot any fitting rooms or mirrors.  The Cash registers looked pretty clear when I was at the sale.

If you are looking for Chaus or Kenneth Cole, this made up about 70-80% of the sale, samples will run you just $10. If you are looking for Cynthia Steffe styles are $20 a pop except for leathers which are $50.  I didn’t spot any leather though.  There are definitely some jems to be found but I wasn’t inspired to dig around too much.  I did spot a cute camel coat in one ladies arms for $50.

Who: Multibrand sample sale including Cynthia Steffe
What: Great deals on Cynthia Steffe on samples and select stock pieces from spring, summer and fall. Cynthia Steffe items are $20 (except leathers and outerwear which will set you back $50)
When: December 7-10, 2010. 10am-6pm
Where: 218 W. 37th St - 7th floor (b/n 7th & 8th ave)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip off! prices are down to $10 for Cynthia Steffe and $5 for EVERYTHING else! insane!

Anonymous said...

THE CREDT CHECK OUT PERSON iS A BIOTCH i was checking out with all cynthia steffe and the cash checkout person counted my leather skirt as 20 like all cs stuff

however didnt have enough cash so took one item which just happened to be the leather skirt to the credit person - i said put this and dress on credit card WELL
she looks at it lovingly and says this is 50 dollars
no signs anywhere saying certain steffe stuff was over 20
i hate salespeople like this at sample sales--- they just make up prices when they want something

left a really bad taste in my mouth

Anonymous said...

actually the women at the sale were agressive and pushy HORRIBLE

the sales people had been thru hell and back with these creatures
pulling clothes out of peoples hand and pushing in front of line etc...

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