Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Oak NYC & Friends

Stopped by the Oak NYC sale last night and was greeted by a bit of chaos. There were plenty of shoppers and you could tell from the scene that there had been plenty throughout the day. Things were a bit ravaged but that is to be expected with this sale that stocked some favorite brands of the downtown set.

To note there is no change room so men & women alike were just trying on things underneath their clothes or in whatever free crevice they could find behind a rack. No mirrors either. On the plus side, there is plenty of merch and checking out was a breeze! This sale is Cash ONLY so hit up an ATM on your way down.

LnA tees were plentiful and about $20 a pop. LnA liquid leggings for $30.
Spotted some OAK one piece swimsuits with mesh panels for $40
Some zip front liquid spandex bodysuits were $30
Mesh A-OK dresses were $40

GAR_DE leather jackets were $300 (down from $600) wool pants $80
The recently launched Hyden Yoo for women had various samples available for $40-80
Funktional sequin dress for $50, denim dress for $50, Leather cardigan $120
Denim $20 in various styles & washes

Plenty of affordable shoes for prices as low as $5! Plenty of $10 pointy toe lace ups. I found myself wishing I was a size 6 1/2 or 8 1/2 as that's the size range that seemed to be the most plentiful. If you are a size 5 like me, you're out of luck the smallest shoe I spotted was a size 5 1/2. Adorable LD Tuttle buckle wedges were still $260. A couple pairs of Camilla Skovgaards were available in size 38 for $200. Ash booties for $80. Plenty of styles for $100 or under!

Scarves $5-10
Assorted Tees $5-30 depending on the designer
Flip Flops $1
Jewelry $20 for a cuff to $75 for necklaces
Zurlick canvas sneakers $10


Hyden Yoo sweat shorts $40, khaki jackets $80
Raf Velcro sneakers are 90% off at $30. Plenty available in Black or White/Khaki
Plenty of plaid Shirts for $40-60
Timothy Hamilton Redux Sweaters for $100
Spotted some soft snap front jackets for $20

Amazing Buckled Sneakers for $140(?) If I was a guy I would be all over these, unfortunately I only spotted 1 pair.

Despite the masses this sale is def worth dropping by for a peak if you're into the downtown cool aesthetic. You never know what bargains might jump out at you! Do expect to be patient as you weave your way through people and assorted racks of random merch...

I snagged up these paneled leggings from LnA for $30. I've been wanting panelled leggings ever since I saw the Katie Gallagher presentation! Oak has some of their housebrand styles that are a bit closer but, also regular price at $178!

Who: Oak & Friends Sample Sale
What: In addition to Oak's samples and overstock there will be merch from designers including Hyden Yoo, Pleasure Principle, Tim Hamilton REDUX, Gar-de, Osborne shoes, Kontorsion, Mary Meyer, Chrishabana, The Furies, Funktional, Rxmance and Life After Denim.
When: July 9-12, 2010. Fri-Mon 11am-8pm
Where: 28 Bond Street, Lower Level (b/n Lafayette and Bowery)


Jose Camacho said...

I love this review, especially the paneled leggings from LnA for $30.
Great buy :)

Jose C.

Erin said...

thanks Jose glad that you enjoyed the review! hope that you had a chance to stop by the sale and pick up some great merch yourself :)

Jose Camacho said...

yes I actually did today since i thought.. well why not? :) my friends went on friday
got myself a pair of faded gray acid destroyed jeans

I didn't get pictures for my blog though since I had to leave early :\
Jose C.

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