Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Bendon Intimates

I went to the Bendon Sample sale today and I was amazed at the great prices and selection of pretty underpinnings. If they had more styles available in my size I think I could have easily gotten carried away. That being said I did walk away with quite a few things for a great price!

The sale was definitely well lit, spacious and had a variety of cute pieces displayed on the walls. It wasn't at all crowded during my trip and I had a very easy time navigating the very well organized boxes of merch on the tables that were arranged by size. I scarcely found something in the wrong box! Sizes of bras ran from 32A to 38J. Largest assortment in B, C, D and E.

As for bottoms they came in sizes S-L with more selection for S & M. Unfortunately compared to the bra's there were not as many bottoms to create matching sets. My method of shopping was to try on the bras I like and then sort through the bins to find anything that matches. Mismatches were put back into the bins.

Prices List was as follows:
Elle Macpherson
Bra $20 (normally retails for around $65)
Bottom $10 (normally retails for $26-35)

Stella McCartney
Bra $25
Bottom $15
Panty Pack $50

Bra $20
Bottom $10

Bendon Sport
Bra $20

Chemise $30 (Stella $40)
Cami $30
Short $15
Torsolette $10

Very small selection of Maternity Bra's for $20.

The largest selection for smaller sizes was definitely the Elle Macpherson line while larger sizes was primarily the FayreForm Line. Stella McCartney was the smallest selection of choices/size but also the greatest value.

As for fitting room, they have a communal fitting room out of the way of the shopping floor & prying eyes with curtained windows and mirrors available. As I was the only shopper when I stopped by I had all the privacy I needed. Staff was quite friendly and willing to help.

If you are in need of some pretty lingerie, this is a MUST go sale!

Who: Bendon Sample Sale
What: 50-75% off lingerie from Bendon Sport, Elle McPherson Intimates, DimitySO and Fayreform.
When: June 29-30, 2010. Tues 10am-7pm, Wed 10am-5pm
Where: 180 Madison Ave (b/n 33rd & 34th St) Suite 1702


klee4vp said...

i got some beautiful stuff there, but they kinda calculated wrong and mischarged me (which i only realized later). argh!

Erin said...

aww Klee4vp I'm sorry to hear that they mischarged you hope it wasn't by too much! that is a total bummer :( Glad that you picked up some beautiful merch though!

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