Friday, June 4, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Alice + Olivia

Stopped by the Alice + Olivia Sample sale after work and found the store to be buzzing with activity but many of these shoppers did not seem to be the usual sample sale crowd. I overhear women saying "It's a Sample Sale!!!" in wonder. Perhaps the Bryant Park location attracted more foot traffic than the usual hidden sales in the Garment District.

I found prices to be a bit high for the quality of merch especially since some of the trendier pieces are starting to look a bit dated. Some of the pieces were definitely Balmain inspired like this holey tee and military denim jacket with chain trim.

Lots of basic tees as well.

Leather/suede leggings were plentiful but pricey at $249.

Plenty of cargo pants available to choose from.

A lone rack of children's wear and a lone rack of menswear was amongst a sea of womenswear.

Not sure if the Payless shoes at $29 a pair are really close to the original retail price?

If you need a party frock there are plenty of options.

Price List:
Detail & Beaded Dresses $189
Day Dresses $149
Pants $99
Skirts $99
Shorts $99
Beaded Tops $129
Tops $79
Base Tees $39
Jackets $199
Leather $249
Mens $89
Kids $69
Leggings $19
Leather Leggings $249
Novelty Leggings $159
Scarves $29
Large Candles $55
Small Candles $42
Payless $29
Tights $34
Bathing Suits $49
Bracelets $69
Necklaces $269

As this is their retail location change rooms and lighting/mirrors were readily available. This sale is not a must go but if you're in the area or in dire need of a party frock or leather leggings check it out. Otherwise I find it a bit pricey.


Kelsey said...

I also noticed that today they cut prices on the cheaper items, like leggings and candles. But I agree, too pricey for the clothing items.

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