Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Botkier May 2010

So I dropped by the Botkier Sample Sale after work yesterday night and had a chance to snap some pics but was soon surrounded by a whirlwind of organized chaos. The popularity of Botkier has definitely skyrocketed and the friends and family sale which invited Facebook friends to join in had a line that wrapped around the block! So with all of these fans and a smaller space than previous years, there was the potential for sample sale disaster but fortunately Botkier fans are definitely more ladylike than other handbag sales I've attended. There was no pushing and no fighting! The purses are displayed on the tables by style and a visual price chart makes it easy to know what things cost for most part! Macarons and Champagne were a sweet bonus that kept shopping a fun girly experience.

With so many of my fave styles I really had a hard time narrowing down my purchases! People were going crazy over those Trigger Moto Clutches snatching up multiples in a rainbow of colors at $125 a pop. I spotted plenty of Taylor, Uma, Harper and Dion Styles in so many great shades. My personal faves were the naked lambskin and the washed denim lambskin! So beautiful.

Narrowing down our purchases in one of 2 mirrors available at the sale.

Just plenty of milling especially around the table of coveted sample bags. The table was emptied within 5 minutes but as the night progressed people would return bags that they were not going to purchase. The majority of bags at this table are samples or damaged and they were for most part under $200.

Prices were $295 and below for most part on stock items but small clutches are in the $125 zone!

Shoe sizes ranged from size 36-40 for stock but if you are a size 7 you're in luck as sample shoes were available at an even greater discount! Lucky Lani scored a pair of those zip wedges on the left! What was available was mostly sandals although there were 2 gorgeous pairs of knee high boots waiting to be taken home by a size 7! Sample shoes were mostly $50 & 75.

The majority of shoes were in the 38-40 size range. Sandals started at $95 with prices going up to $175.

I lucked out and found a version of the purse I've been dreaming about the past couple sales on the sample table! I totally wanted the Tao Crossbody but managed to find the Tao Convertible Satchel for $135.

I'm a huge fan of Botkier bags in general as I've previously mentioned they are light, strong and super functional for city life so I always enjoy this sale.

Remember to tweet or FB a pic with your mom to @botkierbags in order to get 10% off your purchases! They have a list that they check so do it! Also sign up for their mailing list (show some love and mention Sugar Rock Catwalk!) and you'll be entered in a draw for $1000 at the Botkier retail store! Let us know what you pick up!

Who: Botkier Sample Sale
What: One of our fav handbag brands at a major discount! One of a kind samples and stock.
When: May 6-9, 2010. Thurs & Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 11am-6pm, Sun noon-5pm
Where: 60 Mercer St. at Broome
Bonus: Happy Mother's Day! Share your favorite snapshot of you and your mom & receive 10% off your purchase. Tweet a picture to @botkierbags or upload to their Facebook page


Heather said...

I went by the Sample Sale Productions Mother’s Day Designer Handbag Event you had posted since it's not far from where I work. OMG I wanted to cry....bags were still in the $1,000 and up range. Some of the clothes weren't badly priced and neither was some the jewlery. I actually ended up buying a bracelet for my mom there. But the bags made me really sad. It made me want a Chanel bag even more...

Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

are you serious! eeek, even with recycled bags a genuine Chanel is worth some serious dough! I'm glad you found something for your mom at the sale! that's sweet :)

Faith J. said...

Love Botkier! I wish I was in NY! Great post, I am living vicariously through you gals!

Anonymous said...

You should've gone this morning... Got the Tao crossbody in that color for 115 and a Sydney hobo in black for 150

Debie said...

Just wanted to leave a (long) comment about my experience and the super friendly staff at the sale:

I went planning to leave with the trigger moto crossbody bag-- and was really disappointed when I saw that there were none left by the time I got there. I checked with an employee and he said they were all gone. So I milled around a bit looking at other stuff and a little bit later I saw that same employee walking around holding the yellow trigger bag! It looked like he was looking for someone and I was hoping he was looking for me, and he was! It was so genuinely nice of him to think of me instead of just putting in on the table for anyone. (He asked me multiple times if I was the girl who was asking about the bag b/c there were tons of asian girls there and he probably thought we all looked the same, haha).

Anyway, so I was holding onto this bag for dear life when across the room I spotted a girl holding the coral trigger bag....and it looked really cute. (Also the yellow one was a little scuffed up). So I just went up to her and asked if she'd be interested in trading colors-- she said actually she was and after inspecting the yellow one for a bit she gladly traded with me! I was seriously so thrilled. Plus I got the 10% discount for uploading a fb picture. So happy about my purchase :)

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