Thursday, April 15, 2010

UPDATED: Sample Sale Report: Cynthia Steffe

UPDATED: So here is my haul as you can see it's much smaller than my previous season's Cynthia Steffe Sales.

I love this bright red silk jersey dress that I picked up for $30 :) Silk Jersey T-Neck for $20

Silky pleated/pegged pants - $20, Printed Voile Blouse $20

My mom is in town and visiting (hmmm do you see a shopping pattern with me an my family ;) ) and told me that when she stopped by the sale a mere 2 hours later, it was really WIPED out! hardly a thing left to by save for about 2 racks of black pants and 1/2 a rack of miscellaneous merch. She did still escape with 3 items but in all her sales (yes she happens to come in town in time for every Cynthia Steffe sale somehow) it's been the most pathetic and emptiest she's ever seen it.

If you are wondering what brought upon this change in bringing down one of the most beloved sales to being the craziest battle for the goods imaginable one of our readers gives us a clue:

WORST!!!! 4 women who hoarded everything -- they were from great neck and were selling on ebay -each bought 8 bags of clothing and were there at 9am and the clueless STEFFE people allowed them to hold piles for 4 hours and let them in early at 930 so unfair STEFFE NEEDS TO GET ITS ACT TOGETHER

I'm pretty annoyed after reading thing comment because ebay sellers ruin things for everyone and don't allow people who genuinely want things and can't afford to pay jacked up prices to miss out and suffer. I encourage you all to not buy from these hoarders at all costs and let them get stuck with the piles of merch that they had piled up to nearly the ceiling... EVIL >:(

Who knows if anything will be left at all tomorrow. Sorry to report the sale is no longer going to.

It’s time for what’s usually my fave sale in the city but by the time I stopped by at 11:55 am today it was utter insanity. Racks are insanely picked over and there is not much merch left standing save for the pants section. Ladies were hoarding their goods in huge piles by the corners of windows in this free for all where the entire sale becomes the changing room. Still managed to pick up some pretty sweet silk jersey pieces and some cargo pants but it’s pretty intense. Staff is uber friendly and pretty efficient although check out with a credit card is a bit slow (due to the machines).

$20 pants, skirts and all bottoms
$20 tops
$30 dresses
$50 leather jackets

Also to note, sizes were less clearly indicated in the past and it’s really hard to tell what size things are except by visual inspection and trying on!

The storm is starting to calm down as I left at 12:20, but I anticipate lunch crowds with their insatiable appetites for shopping to do much damage before the day is over. I’m guessing once the hoarders let go of some of their unwanted merch there will still be some great bargains to satisfy. But seriously a silk jersey dress for $30, it’s cheaper than H&M! So don’t walk, RUN!


Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

We were there at the same time — total madness. I just kept doing laps hoping to pick up someone's castoffs. I ended up with two interesting white tops for $20 each and an "unfinished" shirt that I'll finish myself for $5. Not bad, considering the scene. Last year I went at the end of the sale and scored, too...maybe I'll try again tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

I didn't have as much luck at the sale this year as I did last year. I actually got there at 9:50am before the doors even opened but was in the rear of the pack upon entering. By the time I reached the racks, I was only able to find 5 items that looked interesting to me. I tried them on quickly and left with only 2 items: a cute knit shrug and a blousy top. There were women with heaps of clothes in their arms, but I wasn't in the mindset to stick around for their castoffs. This used to be one of my favorite sales but sadly it's gotten too crazy for me and I don't think I'll be returning next year.

Anonymous said...

WORST!!!! 4 women who hoarded everything -- they were from great neck and were selling on ebay -each bought 8 bags of clothing and were there at 9am and the clueless STEFFE people allowed them to hold piles for 4 hours and let them in early at 930 so unfair STEFFE NEEDS TO GET ITS ACT TOGETHER

Erin said...

Seriously it's gotten out of control! wow I really dislike e-bay sellers they ruin it for everyone! I saw pple with clothes piled up almost to the ceiling and i couldn't figure it out! I'm glad to know what really happened!

Six Six Sick said...

There's absolutely nothing worse than those awful Ebay douchebags. Especially since you know they're selling it for 10 x the price online. Stores and sample sales need to have better limits and regulations in place to prevent this bullshit!

Heather said...

O thats so upsetting about the ebay hoarders! I think I would have flipped a shit if I would have saw that. People are so greedy. I def. agree that places that hold sample sales should get that under control because it doesn't look good for them and it def. isn't good for the designer (and doesn't look good for them either). Sure the designer is making money off of them from the sample sale but these people will put it up online for more then what it cost so they'll make a bigger profit. Sucks.

Anonymous said...

This sale was absolutely chaotic. I walked in not knowing where to turn first. At midpoint, they tried to restock but some of the women were so hostile that the staff gave up completely. One woman decided to be smart by grabbing everything- literally everything- that was newly placed on the rack. That's when one the staff members had to intervene and made her pass them back. Another lady always grabbed for the new items and shouted "everyone let go!! let go!" as if she owned the place, and tried to justify it by telling everyone she's buying for her daughter, who btw way was no where to be seen. Total catfight. In light of this bizarre sale, I did find a very pleasant lady that I was able to befriend and talk to, and i brought home 5 items for a benjamin :)

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