Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Hugo Boss

So my brother is visiting town and managed to swing by the Hugo Boss sale while I was at work today so naturally I pumped him for deets so I could share with you all but I couldn't get as much pricing deets but he had a pretty great memory with the mens sizing:

He stopped by the sale around 4:30 pm and was greeted bright lights and clean surroundings as you walk through the Hugo Boss office/showroom towards the sale area. Not too many other shoppers, there was no sign indicating a sale was even in progress. The sale is credit card only.

Immediately upon entering there are 1 rack of blazers, 1 15 ft wall of suits (grey, navy pinstripe, tweed, black) and a handful of vests (nothing really tasteful), 3 racks of coats/outerwear (including one of leather jackets and one of polyester). As for suits, mostly size 40, a few 38s although hard to come by and some larger sizes available starting at around $250.

Rows upon rows of jeans around all around size 34 waist.

There were some polo shirts at $45 in an assortment of colors but almost all were size large. Same deal with the long sleeve shirts and hoodies. Dress shirts were also available in mostly size L.

Several small tables of shoes available mostly size 10 mostly runners with an assortment of dress shoes and boots. There were three racks of belts at $25 a piece in a variety of colors including black, brown and white in mostly size 34.

Small, Medium and large messenger bags available starting at $75.

A basketfull of swimwear available in Medium at $25 each.

Only a limited selection of women's wear comprising about 20% of the sale.

This sale would be great size if you are a man who wears a 40 suit, size 34 Waist or a Large shirt! Mediums could score on swimwear. Otherwise pass.

Who: Hugo Boss
What: 50-70% off Retail
When: Last day tomorrow April 16, 2010. Fri 10am-1pm
Where: 601 West 26th St (nr 11th Ave) 8th Floor.


Anonymous said...

How are the bags selection? Any worthy bags? Any big duffel overnight leather ones?

Anonymous said...

No duffel bags, nothing fantastic. Some of the bags looked like purses (for men) and the messenger bags looked alright but i didn't think any of them were worth it.

Anonymous said...

any more leather bags? Are the leather bags all $275? How about the canvas ones, are they $75 and bigger? Thanks!

alen mcmilan said...

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Anonymous said...
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