Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sample Sale Tip: Lauren Merkin

photos from previous sample sale
Thanks to a tipster we know that the Lauren Merkin sale is pretty great and even better than the Previous Sample Sale which I thought was pretty great to begin with!

"Go to the Lauren Merkin sale - no run over there!!! Much cheaper than previous sales. Tons of bargain bins starting at $5 for faux patent, assorted leather and silk bags in bargain bin's starting at $20 - $60. And a LOT of inventory. They're replenishing throughout the week as well."

After meeting her earlier this month, we think that Lauren is a total sweetheart and can't wait to check out her sale in-person! If you've gone let us know what you think or what you picked up! We love when you share your shopping tips/sample sale feedback. xoxo

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