Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Preview Casual Luxe Clothing Line: Heather

Last week I had a chance to drop by and see a few new collections from various labels. One of my personal faves has got to be the Heather collection. This is a collection that not only looks amazing but actually feels super soft and comfortable. New wardrobe staples for the modern woman at affordable price points that range between $50-200. This collection was just launched in Spring 2010 and the designer being a huge fan of heather jersey made that a central part of his designs and his label's namesake.

I love the use of mixed fabrications and the tone-on-tone texture is so modern and the pieces are wearable basics that have enough unique detailing to keep them cool. I also thought the simple color palate of brown heather, charcoal heather, heather grey, black and muted blue kept things sophisticated. I literally would want to own just about every piece of this collection, especially those satin pants with the heather rib waistband and those slouchy raglan sweat tops.

Right now the collection is geared towards everyday life but will be expanding into embellishments and leathers in the future. Retailers for the US have yet to be determined but I'll try to keep you posted when I find out where it will be selling. What do you think of these pieces?


Anonymous said...

wow those pieces are hot!

Anonymous said...

nordstrom sells heather

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