Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Preview: Garden Collection by H&M Lookbook

TUNIC 14.95, TOP & SHORTS 24.95 each

H&M has been showing increasing interest in sustainability and organic products. First with their Organic Cotton range and recently with the launch of their organic skincare line last month. Now in line with Earth Day initiatives H&M is launching the Garden Collection, the company’s first fully-sustainable line.

Sustainable materials used in the collection include:
* Organic cotton: cotton that has been grown without the use of hazardous chemicals
* Organic linen: linen that has been grown without the use of hazardous chemicals
* Recycled polyester: polyester made from PET-bottles or textile waste
* Tencel: silky, renewable material produced with minimal environmental impact

This will be their first collection made entirely from environmentally adapted materials. The collection, made up of 80 items and 10 accessories, presented together in stores nationwide on March 25. In H&M fashion, cuteness paired with affordability as the pieces range in price from $9.95-49.95. Makes me wish it was Spring right now!

DRESS 49.95, TUNIC 9.95, SHORTS 24.95 & HAT 9.95

DRESS 19.95, DRESS 24.95 & SHORTS 29.95

DRESS 29.99 & JACKET 49.95, DRESS 17.95 & JACKET 34.95

TUNIC 14.95 & SHORTS 24.95, BLOUSE 29.95 & SHORTS 29.95

DRESS 19.95, DRESS 19.95

DRESS 17.95, SKIRT 29.95 & TANK TOP 12.95

DRESS 39.95

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Stealing Beauty said...

this post makes me want to run over to h&M.. and I have noticed them getting greener lately but i didn't know how much.. so this was very informative. thank you.

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