Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Alexander Wang (July 9-11, 2009)

Alexander Wang opened to friends and family this morning and as anticipated a steady line formed down the block for entry and they let in only a few people at a time but the line moved quickly. I got there at and was in within 13 minutes.

Bag/Coat check is mandatory.

To note the changing area is open and super packed. There was a couple tables in the middle and about 7 mirrors on the perimeter of the walls but they were constantly surrounded by women. Sadly since there wasn’t room on the tables, women were throwing their merch in piles on the floor in order to try on.

The prices varied but were marked by color coded prices starting at $65, $95, $115…onwards to $275. Most of the merch I spied was closer to $175.

The majority of the sheer tanks/tees that were on the walls was starting at $95. It can't be tried on as it is a delicate super fine knit sheer jersey.

I spotted merch from past seasons like the open back pink blazer, denim and leather biker jackets, sweatpants for $115 and the bright turquoise tanks (marked $80, but $69.50 on of Spring 09. The swirled nude mesh overlay skirt of Fall 2008 (marked for $375). They also had that infamous Mesh Embroidered dress for $795 and the skirt version for $375.

The real bargains were found on the 2 sample racks right by the front. Sizes are unmarked but typically a 2 or 4.

Although a lot on the racks were $175. There were sweater/silk tanks that I saw for $25. A trapeze tank top with cutout mesh inserts for $25 (Score! I totally picked this one up). Blouses for $35-65. I saw an awesome crepe/silk dress with pleated front for $85, alas it was too big. This merch though only has a 1 to 4 of each style and is moving quickly.

Also important to note it’s only credit cards for purchases over $200, but if you pay cash you can skip the lines and head straight for the cashier.

*Additonal note: to stop other girls from snagging your merch, I stashed it on a shelf behind the racks while trying things on.

If you are a Wang fan, don't miss out! Although prices aren't cheap in general, there are some possible bargains! They have in the past reduced prices on the last day in the past, but last round they did not, so no guarantees and you might miss out on the best merch!

Who: Alexander Wang Sample Sale
What: Alexander Wang's Spring Collection...nough said ;)
When: July 9-11, 2009. Thurs 2pm-8pm, Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 10am-7pm
Where: 83 Wooster Street between Spring and Broome Streets, NYC


Iolanda said...

I can't belive it! I wish I were there!

Gisela said...

oh gosh! you must've gotten there way before me because once I got there thursday evening there was no blue or pink ticket items left! u lucky girl! anyways, love your blog! it think its awesome! would love for you to visit mine :-)

ebys said...

That's so freakin' awesome!

Quoting lolanda : I wish I was there! ( honestly! )

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