Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sale Talk: Elie Tahari

Love to hear what you think of sales! I try to report on whatever I've seen but some weeks are busier than others and I don't have a chance to check them all out personally! I thought these reader comments on the Elie Tahari sample sale were particularly helpful ;)

"Good sale. Nicely organized, mostly women's size 6. Saw very few seconds. Shoes and suiting are limited."

"I went on 3/31, waited for about 25 minutes around noon. While I only did a quick swoop, I did notice a lot of the sizes were larger (I am a 0/2). I purchased an amazing pruple silk Ramira dress for $79. I may stop back later in the week when the crowds die down.

The dressing room (and sales floor in general) in suprisingly small for such a popular line."

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