Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Presets, Electro from Down Under

Artist: The Presets
Recommended If You Like: The Knife, Junior Boys, Digitalism

Some call it dance punk. Others say industrial techno. Label them what you will. Just give them a listen if you haven't already. I've "If I Know You" and "A New Sky" from their new album Apocalypso on repeat for weeks.

Most of the album will make you want to dance, and if you're a runner, it's a great soundtrack. I speak from personal experience. I hate running, but if I have The Presets playing, I can do it. Their spacey sound and airy background vocals help my mind drift, and the heavy beats keep my heart rate up. Enough about exercise, The Presets are an amazing duo from Australia, and they're currently touring the US and Canada.

New York, they're going to be at Webster Hall tomorrow night. The show is already sold out, but there's an after party at Le Poisson Rouge, kicking off at midnight. There will be a $5 cover. For more information, click here.

To hear and see more, check out The Presets' MySpace page.

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vicki said...

hmm. interesting dancing!

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