Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kenneth Cole NY Sample Report

I stopped by the Kenneth Cole after work. It was really busy, but sane. Even with the stuff selling like hot cakes, there was plenty of inventory. Size 0 and 2 are a little sparse, but there's a couple in almost every remaining style. I'm not sure how it will be tomorrow, but might be worth checking out if you're into Kenneth Cole or just looking for a good deal. And boys, there's plenty of stuff for you!

Prices are really good, but (and this is a big one) there's no fitting room or trying on for clothes. A couple girls tried to put on skirts over their clothes and were scolded by staff.

Footwear: great selection for every size but women's 7 & 7.5. Isn't that the story at every sale? Boo for me, yay for everyone else. ($40 a pair, any 3 pairs for $99)
Tops: a few tees, lots of red and purple turtle necks ($10)
Vests: one style, only size Medium, but plenty in stock ($15)
Dresses: a lot of black dresses, sweater dresses in cream, black and dark blue, and silk dresses in black and red in all sizes ($20)
Skirts and Pants: lots of inventory, but I didn't get a good look ($20)
Leather: plenty of skirts and pants, but I couldn't imagine buying leather pants without trying them on. Correction, I couldn't imagine buying leather pants period ($50)
Hats & Scarves: a lot of red and magenta acrylic/wool blend, a few cream wool ($10, 2 for $15)
Handbags: plenty of fug patent leather bags ($50)
Men's Briefcases: lots of nice manbags, black briefcases/laptop bags ($70-$90)

While I was there, I found this amazing, amazing leather dress. The pictures don't do it justice. I was sure it wasn't going to fit me, but I figured my sister would. She doesn't and it's way too small for me, so I'm probably going to put it up on eBay. If your're a size 0 and interested, please let me know. I'll sell it to you for $50, which is what I paid for it. Retail $498!

Who: Kenneth Cole Sample Sale
What: Shoes & Accessories for men and women. UPDATED price list:
When: Thursday (10am–7pm) and Friday (10am–6pm).
Where: 261 W. 36th St, nr. Seventh Ave., second fl. 212-947-8748


Erica said...

I tried on the skirt version of the dress, no-go. By the time I got there on Friday, it looked like all of the skinny b*tches had already run up and through that place. My male co-worker racked up though!

Anonymous said...

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