Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sample Sale Report: Marimekko

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I dropped by the Marimekko sale tonight at 260 SampleSale to see what I could rustle up. Being a long time fan of the Finnish design company's eye-catching graphic aesthetic, I super excited for their first ever sample sale. There was a short line when I got to the sale that moved rather quickly. Like all sales at this location, you're required to check your purse and your coat.

Once inside I headed straight for the shoes and bedding. Here you can shop for sneakers in vibrant prints for just $30 a pair. And so the crowds were pillaging the boxes as staffers struggled to pull out new stock from under the tables and get it organized. I spotted size 3 (5 for women) all the way up to a 9.5 Mens. Some of the sneakers were separated from the other half but if you looked around a little, you could find the match without too much difficulty.
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As for sheets, the sheet sets were just $20, while duvet covers were $40. They pretty much blew out of the sale and at least every other person in line seemed to be holding sheets in some form or other. There were pretty much 3 main patterns at the sale. The Lumimarja in taupe was only available in King size. I spotted some Kevatesikko print pillowcases for King beds and shower curtains (for $30, but the same shower curtain can be found at Crate & Barrel for $13). Kaivo Percale Duvets were available but only in King size. I spotted some Kivet's but only for long Twin size. I overheard the staffer say that they anticipate more bedding to arrive on Thursday.

Although for towels were marked down to $5 for hand towels and $10 for bath towels, there was not a towel to be seen when I arrived on scene. There were a few tablecloths left and lots of paper napkins for $3 a pack. One thing that I noticed people snagging were the dog beds for $40 a pop, and bean bags for $80, by the time I left, the bean bags were gone but there were a few dog beds left.
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There were about 4 bins of kids clothes at the back and although they were priced super affordably, the most adorable prints were in the 3 month age category while the rest of everything seemed to focus more on the stripe print. Kid's clothing was $10 a piece although some of the pieces seemed to be originally 2 piece sets that had come separated. Take a look at the hangtags and you'll see what I mean.
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For womenswear, sizes seemed all over the place and women were frantically looking through the racks. I had a harder time looking since by this time I was holding 2 pairs of shoes, a King duvet and sheet set. While coats/outerwear were $200, woven dresses were $200 for runway and $100 for regular style. Tops, pants and skirts were $60. For knits prices topped out at $60 for dresses. Knit tops, pants, shorts \, skirts and sleepwear were $40, while leggings $20.
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There were still a number of canvas bags for $40 left at the sale, while leather bags were $100.
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One of the most beautiful sections to explore was the fabric at $15 a yard, you could choose to make your own clothing or decor items in a multitude of options.
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While the sale was in full swing tonight, with the lack of stock showing after just the first day, I'm not sure how this sale will be able to go on unless they get some additional stock along with the sheet delivery. If you're a fan of Marimekko, go quickly! They actually had to fold up some tables as I left for lack of merchandise.

Who: Marimekko
What: Up to 80% off women's clothing, home goods, and select fabrics.
When: March 18-23, 2014. Tues-Thurs 10am-8pm, Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-3pm.
Where: 260 5th Ave (b/n 28th & 29th St)

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