Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sample Sale Report: The WANT Agency

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I stopped by the WANT Agency sample sale today to just the occasional shopper and plenty of well priced merch, especially in the backroom that might go unnoticed at first glance. By that what do I mean? I snagged an ACNE dress for just $50 and ACNE boots for $50! Sure not everything at the sale is this cheap and the dress is a couple years old, but at that price who is complaining?
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In the main room of the sale I saw tote bags from Want Les Essentiels de La Vie for $195, $245 for a leather zip portfolio, Just $50 for a plethora of men’s shoes, primarily by Swims.
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These boat shoe style Swims were $60 a pop. In addition, there were a couple pairs of $50 spectator shoes and quite a few pairs of lace up boots. Some cable knit sweaters on a rack were around $150 by Maison Kitsune.
2013-12-04 21.09.03-92013-12-04 21.09.03-102013-12-04 21.09.03-11
For menswear $50 plaid shirts, a $50 nubby sweater and $20 plain and graphic tees were available from Maison Kitsune.
2013-12-04 21.09.03-122013-12-04 21.09.03-132013-12-04 21.09.03-15
I spotted $25 long sleeve striped shirts, $150 skirts and a $200 romper for women.
2013-12-04 21.09.03-162013-12-04 21.09.582013-12-04 21.09.58-1
Outerwear was $500, a fox embroidered cardigan was $200, textured blouse $100, $125 for the striped button up shirt.
2013-12-04 21.09.58-32013-12-04 21.09.58-42013-12-04 21.09.58-5
Another $100 shirt, $500 coat, $250 sweater.
2013-12-04 21.11.08-62013-12-04 21.11.08-72013-12-04 21.11.08-9
The backroom which I didn't even notice at first because you have to walk down a hallway yielded all sorts of goodies with prices topping out at $100 for leather, $50 for dresses and outerwear, $50 for leather boots, $40 for sneakers, $25 for jeans! Crazy! There are rack upon rack of mostly jeans and the ladies section winds around in a even further hidden back room where I saw a few oversized trenches, interesting body suits, tops and dresses amongst a larger selection of ACNE and Nudie jeans. For shoes the sizes ranged but I saw plenty of 36 or 37 for most part. There were these beautiful nude stacked heel booties, curved heart pumps,lace up booties, sandals and assortment of other shoes.
2013-12-04 22.03.162013-12-04 22.02.07
Overall a sale worth dropping by. Staffers are super friendly but you need to make sure that you have cash or else you'll be dashing out to the Duane Reade a couple blocks away.

Who: The WANT Agency Sample Sale
What: Shop brands like WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie, Maison Kitsune, Nudie Jeans Co, Swims, Arc'Teryx Veilance and old stock from Acne.
When: December 4-5, 2013. Wed-Thurs 11am-8pm

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