Monday, December 2, 2013

Sample Sale Report: J.Crew - December 2013

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I got the chance to drop by the J.Crew VIP pre-sale last night to take a look at what bargains await the J.Crew aficionados out there. As with all sample sales held at 260 5th Avenue, there is a mandatory coat and bag check. This sale however does not have any change rooms so know your J.Crew or Madewell sizes before you head on over and bring a friend.
The vast majority of sizes at this sale are about a size 6 or Medium, but in Madewell I spotted quite a few size Smalls. There were a few XS or 4s and L / 12 but definitely not alot to choose from in these other sizes. As for prices I saw them range quite a bit but start as low as $10 for accessories and go all the way up to $475 for a special J.Crew Collection fur trimmed jacket.
Scarves at this sale were $20 in a rainbow of patterns and materials. Wool outerwear is $150, Vests are $65.
2013-12-02 18.40.492013-12-02 18.29.372013-12-02 18.29.59-2
Cotton or wool sweaters seem like a bargain at $35 and come in a variety of patterns, fair isle, cable and cardigans. This leather trim vest is also $65.
2013-12-02 19.04.492013-12-02 18.31.222013-12-02 18.31.45
The mix of items is vast and this J.Crew collection frock with ostrich feathers is $275, the bejewelled coats $175, the shearling vest $450

2013-12-02 18.38.342013-12-02 18.39.022013-12-02 18.39.26
This silk skirt was $50 but I saw others for just $25, Cords/chinos are also $25.
2013-12-02 18.39.34
Tights and socks are all $10 a pair.
2013-12-02 18.40.132013-12-02 18.40.382013-12-02 18.41.23
Belts are $20, wool jacket$150. Party / work dresses are $65.
2013-12-02 18.30.142013-12-02 18.42.182013-12-02 18.46.29
Suiting/Jackets like the one above are $120, the leather jacket was $350, while cashmere sweaters are $90.
2013-12-02 18.49.392013-12-02 18.55.552013-12-02 18.56.46
Another wild party frock for $65, cardigan for $35 and skirt for $25.
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2013-12-02 18.34.012013-12-02 18.33.52
As for shoes, if you are a size 7 or 7.5 or a 9 or 9.5 there are rack upon racks for you to choose from. A very small assortment of shoes for ladies size 5-6.5 available. Heels/Ankle boots are $100, Flats/sandals/espradilles are $65 and Mid calf or tall boots are $130. The shoes seemed to all be made in Italy for most part.
2013-12-02 18.31.00
The accessories section of the sale was the only one that I noticed a price list up for. Embellished necklaces are $60, Regular necklaces are $35. What are regular necklaces? The ones that are featured in the case above are regular, the rest are all priced at $60.
2013-12-02 18.30.46
Earrings are $25 and there are a lot of fun party ready styles available.
2013-12-02 18.31.10-22013-12-02 18.44.27
Rings are $20.
2013-12-02 18.30.272013-12-02 18.30.29
Rings are $20 but I think really simple Madewell rings are $10, Bangles $15, bracelets $25, pins $10 while hair accessories are $5.
2013-12-02 18.32.23
There was also a small selection of leather handbags available at the sale. Medium/Large bags are $130, small leather bags are $90
2013-12-02 18.36.182013-12-02 18.34.222013-12-02 18.34.34
Finally there is an adorable selection of children’s clothes available that ranged from a $50 faux fur vest, $30 for a dress, $15 for a simple cardigan, $15 for an embellished long sleeve tee or plain woven tunic and $15 for adorable leggings or these bow pants. Skirts were also around $15. Some of the embellished sweaters were around $30-50, the majority of girls merch was size 4 or 5. For boys the size was mostly 5 and many of the boys sweaters I looked at were about $50.
2013-12-02 18.34.512013-12-02 18.35.022013-12-02 18.35.202013-12-02 18.35.472013-12-02 18.35.562013-12-02 18.36.04
Who: J Crew Womens Sample Sale
What: Up to 60% retail on women's fall merchandise, plus a large selection from Madewell. RTW, outerwear, shoes and jewelry. Also Crewcuts for kids.
When: December 3-8, 2013. Tues-Thurs 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-5pm
Where: 260 Fifth Avenue (b/n 28th & 29th Streets)


Anonymous said...

OMG, I would LOVE to go to the sample sale! All of those awesome things; I would stock up on accessories!!

Erin said...

You should go Nessabirdie! It's open to the public now...but yes accessories are dangerous :)

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