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Sample Sale Report: Jen Kao July 2013

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I have to admit that I know that I haven't been going to as many sample sales as I have in the past but most days after work I just want to go home to my husband than stalk clothing in random places around the city. However, there still are those sample sales that call my name and causes my heart rate to accelerate. Jen Kao is one of these sales and I willingly trudged my way down to Varick Street to see what I might be able to take home. I ended up getting there around 6:40pm with only a couple other shoppers I had the whole floor to leisurely shop. Even though the sale officially ended at 7pm, staffers kindly granted me an extra 15 minutes so I wouldn't have to rush too much. They ask you to check your bags but you are allowed your cell phone and wallet in the sale.

Note that all prices mentioned are an additional 20% off which is taken at check out. This is done since a lot of merchandise was left over from a previous sample sale, it gave staffers ease in marking down. In the top picture the polka dot dress is $255 while the striped dress with polka dots is $180.
2013-07-31 18.48.222013-07-31 18.48.332013-07-31 18.48.55
While sizes at the sale varied from XS to Large, they tended to skew on the small side and I noticed most of the sale is a XS to Medium or a 0 to 6.

The oversized top was around $70 (I could be wrong), the embroidered sleeve top $215, the oversize tees $40.
2013-07-31 18.51.162013-07-31 18.54.142013-07-31 18.43.38
If you are super tiny there are some sexy dresses that look worthy of a fierce celeb like Rihanna, are just $95, unfortunately my hips don't lie and I couldn't make it work. Unfortunately the largest size of the corseted dress above is a 2. A gorgeous beaded tank is $125. Linen jumpsuits are $50. At the high end of the spectrum there were a few leather and fur pieces.
2013-07-31 18.44.012013-07-31 18.44.14
Shoes are available in model sizes (probably 10 or 11) from the runway and are $100 for Python and $50 for all other shoes.
2013-07-31 18.45.272013-07-31 18.45.322013-07-31 18.45.44
There are some great deals to be found at this sample sale and there is a rack of the Mah Na Mah Na collaboration that the designer did for the Made in Kind line at Anthropologie on sale for just $20 a piece. The knits from this collection are now going for just $15 a pop.  There is also a rack of clothing where many of the items are marked down to $15. These items include jersey harem pants, jersey shorts, oversized tees with teeth prints, mesh leggings and more. Many of the pieces on this rack there are only one or two of and much seems to be a size 4. You can find some $50 cardigans and $95 seamed body suits at the sale as well.
2013-07-31 18.46.122013-07-31 18.46.252013-07-31 18.47.18
Here are a few more of the fun livelier designs by Kao available at the sale. I couldn't resist the sweater with blue and neon squares that was $60.

In the end I found myself wishing that I had more time to shop, I will most likely be back again tomorrow to see if there is anything that I missed. There are some definite steals worth looking for at this sale, especially if you don't need to have the newest collection on the market.

Who: Jen Kao
What: Up to 70% off retail prices on women's ready-to-wear, summer knits, and accessories from the spring 2013 and resort 2013 collections.
When: July 30-August 1, 2013. Tues-Thurs 9am—7pm.
Where: 160 Varick St (b/n Charlton and Vandam St), 10th floor. Please note that although the address is 160 Varick, the building is called 10 Hudson Square. Also if you walk to the elevator bank on the left a friendly girl at a desk will help check you into the building with ease.

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