Friday, May 17, 2013

Sample Sale Report: : Lenny Niemeyer, LELO & Tuleste

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What will you not find at the Lenny Niemeyer, LELO & Tuleste sample sale? It's a coming together of unexpected things for a sample sale that is full of wow factor. Super sweet jewelry by Tuleste is all rose petals, bows, four leaf clovers and ladders. Sexy swimwear by Lenny Niemeyer is in a multitude of colors, prints and styles from both 2013 collections and the previous season. If you want to turn it up a notch sexier, there is lingerie by LELO featuring seamless styles, massage oil, maid outfits and even a substantial section devoted to pleasure toys.

For the tamer soul there is plenty of Tuleste jewelry that is priced all between $10-$40! This is the cheapest it's ever been priced at and considering you can find the pieces usually between $65 and $295 it is a substantial bargain. Bow rings a plenty are just $10 each. I couldn't resist picking one up. An assortment of charming necklaces is priced at just $20 a pop and so are ornate metal cuffs.
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Dangling earrings are just $20 while really interesting flower ones are $15.
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Super dangly star/heart earrings are $25-30. For 2013 merchandise it is all hung up on clear body forms for easy viewing and they are all size Small samples, although there is another much smaller section of goods in a full size range. 2013 merch is $90 for Solid or Print suit with no accessories, $100 for Sold or Print suit with accessories. The real bargains for suits come in the front section of the sample sale in these IKEA shelves stuffed with boxes you can find 2013 samples for just $50 each. If you don't care what season an item comes from you can find the truly great prices if you take the time to dig through boxes you can find suits organized in their color categories (not by size) for $10 for separates and $20 for maillots and $30 for Lasercut seperates.
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Now for the steamy brand LELO, Seamless underwear in briefs and thongs are packaged in box upon box for $10 a pair and ranges in size from XS-XL. There are examples of the lingerie on a rack but most of the stock is packed up in little neat envelopes in boxes. There are very few men's items with robes at $100 and boxers for $33. Massage oil for $20, massage candle for $15. Signature robes for women are $149. Open front babydoll is $55. French Maid set is $55 while separates are $20. For theh pleasure sets they range in price from $70-107. There are plenty of devices starting at just $31 to $126.
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This is one sample sale that you'll never know what you'll find and some of the prices are quite fabulous. To note, I didn't see any changing areas to try any of this on so perhaps it would be best to go knowing your size.
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Who: Lenny Niemeyer, LELO & Tuleste Sample Sale
What: 50%-90% off swimwear, lingerie and jewelry
When: May 15-17, 2013. Wed-Fri 9am-8pm
Where: 580 Broadway - Suite 1011 (b/n Prince & Houston St)

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