Friday, May 17, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Lulu Frost

2013-05-16 19.30.06
I stopped by the Lulu Frost sample sale last night before closing and it was moderately crowded at the sale. Ladies were busy filling up their trays with baubles galore and I noticed quite a few leaving with Lulu Frost shopping bags. Unlike most sample sales where you walk away with a brown paper bag, at this one they give you the real deal.

2013-05-16 19.29.362013-05-16 19.29.592013-05-16 19.31.06

The sale abounded with statement jewelry galore and if you are a fan of Lulu Frost's unique aesthetic which combines the best elements of estate, vintage and modern jewelry to create new classics with a grand Great Gatsby sort of feel.

The sample sale had a relaxed vibe in spite of the crowds and encouraged ladies to be social by tagging @Lulu_Frost and the hashtag #LFSampleSale on Instagram for a special coupon code redeemable for your next purchase.

2013-05-16 19.30.332013-05-16 19.30.392013-05-16 19.28.13
Prices started at $20 and go up to $225 but aside from the bangles that were $20 for thin ones and $30 for thick ones I didn't spy much at this end of the price spectrum aside from plenty of choices in chain and leather bracelets. Items are marked by color coded string/ribbon carefully tied around each item. The majority of what I wanted was in the $115-$225 category. If you can't make it to the sale, what I've discovered is that a few of the pieces are available at the online sample sale for the same price.
2013-05-16 19.28.162013-05-16 19.28.332013-05-16 19.28.37
For the necklaces above, the necklace with all the faces is $225, the medallion beside it is $115. Sparkly earrings are $45-75. The necklace with triangles is $115, the lion necklace is $130.

While prices are significantly reduced from retail it is still a bit of a splurge for this sale. However if you have been wanting to snag some Lulu Frost, now is your chance!

Who: Lulu Frost Sample Sale
What: Up to 80% jewelry
When: May 16-17, 2013. Thus 12pm-8pm, Fri 10am-7pm
Where: 12 E 20th St (b/n 5th & Park Ave)

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