Saturday, May 18, 2013

Now Wearing...

photo via Trés Awesome

Every piece in this photo has been in heavy rotation for me.  I picked up this varsity jacket from Topshop a couple months ago after DJing their prom shopping event, and I've worn the hell out of this thing!  It's so comfortable and makes every outfit instantly brighter and more playful.

The bag is a Botkier Valentina, which is on super sale at Amazon.  I'd be upset that I paid more except that I've had the bag for four months, and I've used it literally everyday.  For work, I'll occasionally carry an additional canvas tote bag, but for the most part, the size of this bag is perfect for me. There are just enough compartments for me to keep my things straight, but not so many that I forget where I've stashed things.  And the keychain is the best thing ever!

This photo was snapped by Chicago street style blog Trés Awesome (Emma Arnold).  I've heard quite a bit about Emma and her blog since starting at Leo Burnett last May because she's a Burnetter too!  Check out this video that our agency made featuring Emma and her life outside the agency.

And because I'm a very lucky lady, the agency recently featured me as well.  The video was filmed at The Bedford where I DJ monthly.  I'm spinning there again in a couple weeks on Saturday, June 1st.  If you're in town (and you should be because Chicago summers are the best), come say hi!


Shelly L. said...

Loved that video Lani! :) So glad to see you're doing well in Chicago!

Sizzy said...

Cute video! I didn't know that you can intern for a DJ.

Can you share how you got into advertising? What did you studied at school?

Lina said...

Loved the videos on you and Emma. I admire all the creative projects that you do (including work!) and how you went after DJ-ing =)

Lani Love said...

Thanks for the kind words, Shelly & Lina!

Sizzy, I don't know that DJs usually have interns, but I got lucky and met someone that I really clicked with.

I studied public relations & advertising in school and competed in the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). Through the competitions, I was able to build my portfolio and network. I also interned at record labels and event companies in LA while in school.

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