Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sample Sale Report: Elizabeth and James

2012-12-19 18.59.21
While this isn't exactly a full report from the sample sale as I wasn't able to make it in during sale operating hours. I stuck my head in for a minute at the very end of the day and was able to snag a picture of the price list and interestingly enough how many of each item is at the sample sale. If you're looking for a pair of jeans or a blouse/shirt they seem to be by far the most plentiful item at the sale with over 200 units each and priced to go at $50. Staffers tell me that they are getting additional stock tomorrow, so the packs that I snapped pictures of are not all that the sample sale will behold. Prices top out at $00 for fur / leather and things for most part seem to be reasonably priced with tanks and tees weighing in at $20 and $30 a pop respectively.

From my brief glance in, I saw a lot of acid brights and just a hint of sparkle but not much left in the Fur/Leather category. Everything seemed to be organized on racks of type of item - skirts with skirts, tanks together although there did not appear to be more than a handful of each style. The showroom itself is spacious and well lit. Sizes seemed small and from past experience ranges from a 0-8. I will definitely be stopping by again tomorrow for a closer look and to snag a few things for myself. Watch my tweets for updates as I shop the sale.
2012-12-19 18.59.312012-12-19 18.59.38

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