Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Make Up For Ever Holiday Party at Style Coalition

Last week Style Coalition Lounge hosted a holiday gathering with the talented ladies from Make Up For Ever. While sipping cocktails, we had our chance to get make-up tips from professional make-up artists. When it was my turn I asked about false eyelashes as they are my beauty nemesis. They always add a lot of drama to special occasions but I always have trouble applying them.
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The first step is to apply some eyeliner at your lashline to disguise where they will be attached and create a more natural look. She also curled my lashes because my natural lash growth is very straight. Then gently remove the lashes from the packet using only your thumb and a sweeping motion so as not to damage the lashes or put a kink in them. In my case for a more comfortable and customized look, the make-up artist cut the lashes into 4 equal sections but only applied 3 to my lid, with the longest segment at the center of my eye. Before applying them she had me open my eyes with the faux lashes resting on my natural lashes to check for perfect positioning. She applied the segments, using the glue that came with the package.

Make-Up Forever provided these additional steps:
Apply a thin bead of lash glue along the entire band of one of the lashes.If the lash glue doesn’t come with an applicator you can use the end of a make up brush as a glue applicator. Allow the glue to get tacky before applying the lash – about 60 seconds.

Tilt your head back so you can see the base of your lash line then place the lash strip at the very base of your natural lashes. Before pressing the lash into place firmly, you may need to work it down further into the lash
base. It is generally easier to connect the faux lash to the center of the lash line then press the inner and outer corners into place. Use the end of a make up brush or the blunt end of a pair of tweezers to press down areas of the faux lash firmly.

As the lash glue continues to dry you may continue to shape how the lash rests on your lashes by either pushing from underneath to make the lash stand up and curl or by pushing down from above to flatten the lash.

Once the glue is dry, apply another sheer coat of mascara just to blend the natural lashes with the faux lashes.

Soon I had very lovely eyelashes but out of the corner of my eye I spotted glitter and I couldn't resist and I asked to add some glitter, which the lovely make-up artist applied using the ever useful Make Up Forever Aqua Seal. Aqua Seal is a magical solution that can be used to rehydrate dried up make-up, create liquid eyeliner with powder and apply glitter. It makes all makes all powdery make-up waterproof and intensifies colors and pearl effects. Although I've attempted glitter eye make-up in the past I never knew how to make it stay in one place before.

I had a blast learning about holiday make-up and hanging with the lovely ladies at the Style Coalition Lounge. I will leave you with the How-To instructions for Holiday Glitter below.


SUBTLE: Glitter Eyeliner
1. Choose your favorite shade of glitter and mix it with MAKE UP FOR
EVER Aqua Seal to help it adhere to the lash line (Pro Tip: you can
use the cap of the glitter container to mix it).
2. Using a firm bristled eyeliner brush, like MAKE UP FOR EVER’s #1N
brush, start in the center of the eye and trace to the inner corner, and
then extend to the outer corner of the eye.
3. Finish by lining under the lower lash line for an added pop (optional).

GLAM: Glitter Shadow
1. Mix a dab of MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream #12 in golden copper
with Diamond Powder #4 in bronze and then add two drops of MAKE
UP FOR EVER Aqua Seal.
2. Apply the mixture directly to the eyelid and blend through the crease.
3. For added dimension, finish the look by applying MAKE UP FOR
EVER Eye Shadow #17 in espresso through the crease.

SULTRY: Shimmer Eyes
1. Apply MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream #15 in taupe brown shimmer
to your eyelid and blend through the crease.
2. Mix MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Powder #929 in bronze khaki with
MAKE UP FOR EVER Diamond Powder #15 in taupe grey shimmer
and then press the mixture on your eyelid.
3. Finish by blending MAKE UP FOR EVER Eye Shadow #138 in dark
chocolate brown through the crease and smudge under the eyes.

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